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Some ‘Quick Fixes’ For Great Looking Teeth

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Not all cosmetic dentistry involves lengthy treatment periods. People are different, and whilst some dental patients plan their treatment months ahead, perhaps for a special occasion; others are more likely to do so on the spur of the moment. This

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Painfully Sensitive Teeth – Treatment in Cheshunt

Why do very hot or cold foods cause dental pain for some people? Although teeth may look like a solid object to many people, they are far more sophisticated than that. Essentially composed of three parts, a tooth needs to

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When Botox Goes Wrong (and why you shouldn’t worry)….

Why have some celebrities had facial treatments that went badly wrong? If you mentioned the word ‘Botox’ to a random person in the street, it is likely that they would tell you about some famous person who had been left

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Don’t Risk Your Teeth & Gums By Brushing Too Hard

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Brushing your teeth hard will not make them whiter and may result in damage. Very occasionally we hear patients say that they are surprised that their teeth are dull in colour as they brush them so well. Of course, this

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Why Cleaning Your Dentures Is Important

Dentures and gum health Although there are alternatives to dentures in the form of bridges and dental implants, many patients of The Lodge Dental Suite still opt to have them to replace their missing teeth. There are good reasons for

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Minimal Inconvenience With Six Month Smiles

Dental braces that don’t have to be worn for years to achieve straight teeth Having crooked teeth is no fun. Not only does it make them harder to clean, thereby increasing the risk of decay and gum disease, but it

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Are Dentures Still A Good Option To Replace Lost Teeth?

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The Lodge Dental Suite team offer thoughts on this traditional technique. Although the first set of dentures, or false teeth as they are called by some, were first used around 700BC, they are still around today, albeit as a far

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Helping To Prevent Receding Gums

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Maintaining gum health and tooth condition. Whilst a small number of patients do suffer from a ‘gummy smile’, where the gum line extends down the tooth; it is more common for patients to suffer from receding gums. In today’s blog,

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Dental Problems Caused By Odontophobia (Dental Fear)

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Why nervous patients have more cavities and other dental problems. It will come as no surprise to most, that patients who avoid dental visits due to their phobias are more likely to suffer from decay and cavities than those who

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Do Dental Crowns Ever Come Off?

A local Cuffley patient asks for advice…. Another in our occasional series of questions received at The Lodge Dental Suite which we feel might be of general help to some of our patients. Q. Hi .. I moved to Cuffley

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