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Discreet, And Near Invisible Teeth Straightening

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Clear Aligners for a more comfortable teeth straightening experience in Cheshunt You may have considered having your teeth straightened in the past, but have been put off the idea by the thought of having to wear dental braces. Perhaps a

Restoring An Infected Tooth In Cheshunt

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Why root canal treatment is used to preserve an infected tooth. Root canal treatment is used when the inner parts of a tooth become infected. Without this type of treatment, the tooth would very likely need to be extracted, which

Our Valentine’s Day Dental Proposal

Loving your mouth is straightforward – here’s a reminder how! With Valentine’s day rapidly approaching, we thought that this would be a good time to revisit the way that you look after your oral health. Whilst complex dental procedures are

Are Your Dentures Losing Their Grip?

Why dentures become loose and how we can help in Cheshunt. When patients first have dentures fitted, it can seem like all the tales that you may have heard about loose fitting dentures were just myths. Good quality dentures, combined

Do You Suffer With “Itchy Teeth”?

Tooth Itch – uncommon but may indicate a potential problem. Some symptoms of dental problems are fairly obvious. A toothache will certainly mean that you need to see a dentist right away, and gums that bleed are regularly a sign

Looking After Receding Gums

What causes gum recession and how to slow it down. Having receding gums is not uncommon and it is thought that nearly three quarters of the adult population of the UK have this to some degree. It not only affects

Give Your Teeth A New Lease Of Life With Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers can improve the appearance of your teeth in a number of ways. Many of you may not be aware that dental veneers first came about in the 1930’s to address a problem that Hollywood filmmakers had. Almost every

Ditch The Fads In The New Year To Help Keep Your Teeth Healthy

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‘Crazes’ come and go but you can’t beat sensible dental care! There is rarely a day goes by without some new ‘wonder’ food or ‘miracle’ cure appearing, often endorsed by a celebrity. Unfortunately, although some of these may be broadcast

Keeping A Healthy Smile At Christmas

Protecting your teeth and gums during festive indulgence! Christmas is a time to be happy and have fun. Families get together, sometimes for the only time during the year. This can bring a lot of happiness for many people, but

Icy Pavements And The Risk To Your Teeth

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Freezing conditions are likely to lead to an increase in emergency dental appointments in Cheshunt Whether this current cold snap is a one off or something which may well occur a number of times before the winter is over, it