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How Damaging Is Prosecco Really For Our Teeth And Gums?

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A realistic look at this recent media news story. Whether you are a local patient from Cheshunt, Goffs Oak or Hoddeson, the chances are that you may have, at some time, drunk Prosecco. This drink, which has become very  popular

Five Ways To Avoid Gum Disease

Both gingivitis and periodontitis can be avoided with appropriate care. At The Lodge Dental Suite, we make a point of regularly reminding our patients from the Cheshunt and Cuffley area of the importance of looking after their gums as well

Restoring Ageing Teeth

A recently asked dental question from nearby Waltham Cross. In today’s blog, we thought that we would discuss a question that we recently received. Sometimes the general queries that we receive may be useful for others too, and we share

Keeping Dental Implants Clean, Strong and And Healthy

Aftercare implant advice from our Cheshunt dental team. Having had dental implants placed, it is only natural that patients will want to take good care of them to get the maximum benefits that they offer. There are two key parts

Whiter Teeth.. For Longer..

Aftercare following your teeth whitening procedure. Whilst there is much that we can do to help keep our teeth white whilst we are younger, as time goes on, the inner parts of our teeth start to naturally darken. This often

Is It Worth Having My Teeth Straightened?

Inman Aligner - Straight Teeth

Answering this common dental question…. There can be a number of reasons for wanting to have your teeth straightened. The main one though, for patients of The Lodge Dental Suite, is usually  to have a nicer looking smile, and there

Missing A Front Tooth In Cheshunt? – Dental Implants Could Be The Answer

Both natural looking and secure, titanium implants offer a superior solution. The distress caused by losing a front tooth can be significant. Whilst we can, to some extent, hide gaps in our teeth towards the rear of our mouth, doing

Surface Staining And Stubborn Discolouration Of Teeth

Whiten them safely and effectively at our Cheshunt dental practice. Stained and discoloured teeth are one of the most common factors that detract from a patient’s smile. Others, such as crooked teeth, can take longer to change, even with the

Dental Phobia Can Start From A Young Age

sugar and kids teeth

The importance of early years care at your Cheshunt children’s dentist. Dental phobia is relatively common and it is probably fair to say that we look forward to seeing our patients, more than some look forward to seeing us! Even

Should I Worry About Gingivitis?

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Early stage gum disease must not be ignored, advises our Cheshunt dentists. There are two key stages to gum disease; gingivitis and periodontitis. Of these, periodontitis is much more serious, and may result not only in unsightly and painful gum