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Icy Pavements And The Risk To Your Teeth

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Freezing conditions are likely to lead to an increase in emergency dental appointments in Cheshunt Whether this current cold snap is a one off or something which may well occur a number of times before the winter is over, it

Don’t Ignore Early Warning Signs Of Dental Pain

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Turning a blind eye to minor niggles can lead to more serious problems later on. It is, perhaps, human nature to put our heads in the sand when a problem arises. Sometimes we may do this very temporarily before acknowledging

Internet Advice And Your Teeth

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Why DIY dentistry is almost always a very bad idea. What is the first thing that you do if you feel unwell, or suspect that there is something wrong with your teeth? You probably go straight online to try to

Taking care following a dental procedure in Cheshunt

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Some key points to consider. Virtually all dental procedures involve some type of intervention with the natural state of your teeth; a check up being about the only one that doesn’t. Our experienced Cheshunt dentists will always do whatever they

A Broken Tooth In Cheshunt? What Are Your Options?

From restoration to replacement, The Lodge Dental Suite can provide the solution. A broken tooth can happen to anyone, at any time. Whilst a healthy tooth is less likely to break under normal circumstances, a heavy fall or blow to

How Damaging Is Prosecco Really For Our Teeth And Gums?

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A realistic look at this recent media news story. Whether you are a local patient from Cheshunt, Goffs Oak or Hoddeson, the chances are that you may have, at some time, drunk Prosecco. This drink, which has become very  popular

Painfully Sensitive Teeth – Treatment in Cheshunt

Why do very hot or cold foods cause dental pain for some people? Although teeth may look like a solid object to many people, they are far more sophisticated than that. Essentially composed of three parts, a tooth needs to

Don’t Risk Your Teeth & Gums By Brushing Too Hard

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Brushing your teeth hard will not make them whiter and may result in damage. Very occasionally we hear patients say that they are surprised that their teeth are dull in colour as they brush them so well. Of course, this

Helping To Prevent Receding Gums

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Maintaining gum health and tooth condition. Whilst a small number of patients do suffer from a ‘gummy smile’, where the gum line extends down the tooth; it is more common for patients to suffer from receding gums. In today’s blog,

Dental Problems Caused By Odontophobia (Dental Fear)

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Why nervous patients have more cavities and other dental problems. It will come as no surprise to most, that patients who avoid dental visits due to their phobias are more likely to suffer from decay and cavities than those who