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Do You Have A Missing Front Tooth?

Don’t hide your smile! See what our Cheshunt dentists can do to help. Tooth loss is not uncommon, but when it is a front tooth that is missing, it can have a very dramatic effect on your appearance. The front

The ‘Snap On Smile’ As A Temporary Solution For Poor Teeth

snap on smile

How this convenient system can be used to enhance your smile The Snap On Smile system provided here at The Lodge Dental Suite is an excellent way to improve your smile for those special occasions, without the need for corrective

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

Restoring your smile without breaking the bank. In some people’s eyes, cosmetic dentistry is unnecessary. As long as teeth are healthy, that is all that matters. Whilst we agree that the health of teeth and gums is the most important

Restoring Ageing Teeth

A recently asked dental question from nearby Waltham Cross. In today’s blog, we thought that we would discuss a question that we recently received. Sometimes the general queries that we receive may be useful for others too, and we share

Some ‘Quick Fixes’ For Great Looking Teeth

snap on smile

Not all cosmetic dentistry involves lengthy treatment periods. People are different, and whilst some dental patients plan their treatment months ahead, perhaps for a special occasion; others are more likely to do so on the spur of the moment. This

Dental Veneers And Sensitive Teeth

Toothache treatment

Porcelain veneers can reduce tooth sensitivity for some patients. Having sensitive teeth is not always necessarily painful but can prove quite uncomfortable for some people. There are a number of reasons why teeth can be sensitive, but it often happens

Say Goodbye To Dark Coloured Fillings!

Alternatives to amalgam fillings available at The Lodge Dental Suite. If you have looked after your teeth well, with regular cleaning and professional dental care, whilst also avoiding accidents, you may have got away with never having to have a

Planning Ahead For A Great Smile

Why wait until the New Year to improve your smile? Although perhaps reluctant to do so, we have to acknowledge that Summer is coming to a close and it won’t be long before the woolly socks and Winter coats are

Ask Our Dentist – The Snap on Smile

snap on smile

A patient expresses an interest in this easy to use appliance. Whilst cosmetic dentistry can improve a person’s smile through procedures such as dental veneers, for some patients having an invasive procedure is something they would rather avoid. Q. Hi

A New Smile For The Summer

smile with white teeth

Fast acting solutions for an attractive new look! That large ball of brightness in the sky (the sun!) may not last for many days at a time in this country, but, when it appears around this time of year, many