Whiter Teeth.. For Longer..

Aftercare following your teeth whitening procedure.

Whilst there is much that we can do to help keep our teeth white whilst we are younger, as time goes on, the inner parts of our teeth start to naturally darken. This often leaves them with a yellow appearance with the only means of reversing it by having a teeth whitening procedure, available here at The Cheshunt Lodge Dental Suite.

Following this treatment, our Cheshunt and Enfield patients can expect many months of whiter and brighter teeth. In today’s blog, we look at how you can extend this period to keep those new white teeth nice and sparkly for longer!

Diet and lifestyle

General advice for keeping our teeth white also applies following a teeth whitening procedure. Smoking and the consumption of teeth staining foods and drinks e.g. coffee and red wine, should be avoided, or limited, to help prolong the whiteness of your teeth.


Whilst tooth whitening toothpastes are largely ineffective at whitening teeth to a noticeable extent, they could be useful for maintenance following a whitening procedure. The whitening ingredient in these is similar to that used by our Cheshunt cosmetic dentists and whilst the effect will be relatively minimal, every little bit may help in keeping your teeth whiter for a little bit longer.

Our professional help

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Is It Worth Having My Teeth Straightened?

Inman Aligner - Straight Teeth

Answering this common dental question….

There can be a number of reasons for wanting to have your teeth straightened. The main one though, for patients of The Lodge Dental Suite, is usually  to have a nicer looking smile, and there is little doubt that straight and even teeth look more attractive than crooked and uneven ones.

How concerned a person is about any misalignment of their teeth may depend on both the extent of the problem, but also the person’s own priorities. Whilst we all like to look our best, it is quite possible that some people may not want to go to the ‘trouble’ of having their teeth straightened, especially if the problem is relatively minor. But should they?

Confident smile

It is not only our appearance that can be improved using modern braces to straighten teeth. The end result of wearing modern dental braces often means that we find our confidence is also improved. Subconsciously, many of us might hide our smile more if we know that our teeth are less than perfect, but with the use of appropriate orthodontics, we no longer have to do this.

A boost in confidence can benefit us in many ways, whether at work or in our social lives, and wearing a dental brace for a short period of time truly can transform our lives.

Fewer dental problems

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Missing A Front Tooth In Cheshunt? – Dental Implants Could Be The Answer

Both natural looking and secure, titanium implants offer a superior solution.

The distress caused by losing a front tooth can be significant. Whilst we can, to some extent, hide gaps in our teeth towards the rear of our mouth, doing so with missing front teeth is next to impossible.

Very few people will leave a gap in their front teeth for any length of time, with the majority seeking to replace the missing tooth as soon as they can. The question for patients of The Lodge Dental Suite then, is which method to use to replace it.

Pros and cons of dentures

There are pros and cons to all methods of tooth replacement. The most obvious replacement is a partial denture which offers three particular benefits. Firstly, modern dentures offer a realistic looking replacement tooth that can be matched to your own natural teeth. The second advantage is that they can be fitted reasonably quickly; as soon as the dentures have been made. Finally, dentures require no invasive treatment, making them popular with nervous patients.

The disadvantages of dentures is that they can have a tendency to be less secure than other methods and may move around in the mouth, sometimes at very embarrassing moments. They can also feel a little strange and may, in some cases, even affect speech a little.


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Surface Staining And Stubborn Discolouration Of Teeth

Whiten them safely and effectively at our Cheshunt dental practice.

Stained and discoloured teeth are one of the most common factors that detract from a patient’s smile.

Others, such as crooked teeth, can take longer to change, even with the fastest acting braces, but tooth discolouration can be rectified in the space of just one hour.

There are two different types of tooth discolouration; surface staining caused by substances such as tar (from smoking) and inner discolouration, caused by general ageing which no-one can really avoid. At The Lodge Dental Suite, we offer two ways in which teeth can be whitened.

Dental hygienist

If you are unsure as to the main cause of the discolouration problem, you might like to visit our friendly dental hygienist as a first step. She will provide a thorough clean, using a high speed rotating brush, not only removing hardened tartar deposits but also removing surface staining. Indeed, whilst we generally recommend six monthly visits, some patients from Cheshunt and surrounding areas such as Broxbourne and Hoddesdon have this done more regularly as they find their teeth both look and feel better after treatment.

Zoom whitening

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Dental Phobia Can Start From A Young Age

sugar and kids teeth

The importance of early years care at your Cheshunt children’s dentist.

Dental phobia is relatively common and it is probably fair to say that we look forward to seeing our patients, more than some look forward to seeing us!

Even a simple check up can cause some people to become anxious before their dental visit. You can though, be sure that The Lodge Dental Suite team will do all that they can to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Although some people’s anxieties may arise from a bad experience with a previous dentist, it is now thought that it can often stem from early childhood, especially if the child has not seen a dentist and become accustomed early on.

Early visits

We encourage our local patients who are parents, to bring their children to us from around one year old. It is very unlikely that they will need any treatment at this age, but it does help them to become accustomed to the dental practice environment with all of its unusual smells and sounds.

Building up this familiarity from an early age should help to prevent, or at least ease, any anxiety about visiting the dentist as they grow up. This will hopefully help them to have any treatment that is needed, rather than letting a problem become more serious through neglect.


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Should I Worry About Gingivitis?

dental problem

Early stage gum disease must not be ignored, advises our Cheshunt dentists.

There are two key stages to gum disease; gingivitis and periodontitis.

Of these, periodontitis is much more serious, and may result not only in unsightly and painful gum problems, but also damage to the bone structure in the jaw, potentially resulting in tooth loss.

Whilst gingivitis is an earlier stage of gum disease and does not have such potentially devastating consequences, it can also have unpleasant side effects and needs to be treated.

Symptoms of gingivitis may include:

●     Bright red gums, rather than the usual healthy pink colour that they should be

●     Sore gums that may cause pain to the touch

●     Gums that bleed when you brush your teeth

●     Inflamed gums

●     Receding gums

●     Bad breath (halitosis)

None of these symptoms are pleasant, although their degree may vary according to how extensive the problem is. If these symptoms alone were not enough to encourage patients to have their gums examined by our Cheshunt dental hygienist, it is worth looking at the possible outcome if you don’t.


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Some ‘Quick Fixes’ For Great Looking Teeth

snap on smile

Not all cosmetic dentistry involves lengthy treatment periods.

People are different, and whilst some dental patients plan their treatment months ahead, perhaps for a special occasion; others are more likely to do so on the spur of the moment.

This may not always result in immediate changes to the teeth though, and some procedures, such as dental implants and orthodontics, may take months, or even years in the case of orthodontics, for the full effects to be seen.

For the patient then, who looks in the mirror and decides that they need to improve the appearance of their teeth immediately, what are the options available at The Lodge Dental Suite?

Teeth whitening

One of the quickest ways to improve the appearance of teeth that look old and discoloured, is to have them whitened. This is a favourite treatment of many patients from Cheshunt and Broxbourne and perhaps not surprisingly. As well as taking just one hour for an in-house teeth whitening procedure, it is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments available. For those not in such a hurry, equivalent results can be attained using our ‘at home’ whitening treatment. Both are highly successful and pain free.

‘Snap On Smile’

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Painfully Sensitive Teeth – Treatment in Cheshunt

Why do very hot or cold foods cause dental pain for some people?

Although teeth may look like a solid object to many people, they are far more sophisticated than that. Essentially composed of three parts, a tooth needs to be cared for as well as any other part of our body. When we fail to do this, we may well suffer from pain and discomfort and will very likely require some dental treatment to rectify the problem.

It is likely that too many of us will have experienced a toothache due to dental decay, but a significant number of people also experience tooth sensitivity which can build over a period of time and be uncomfortable, but often not to the extent that people seek treatment.

At The Lodge Dental Suite, we recommend for our patients from Cheshunt, Hoddesdon, Broxbourne and other surrounding areas, that if you are experiencing sensitivity, you should have your teeth checked by us as soon as possible.

Exposed dentin

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When Botox Goes Wrong (and why you shouldn’t worry)….

Why have some celebrities had facial treatments that went badly wrong?

If you mentioned the word ‘Botox’ to a random person in the street, it is likely that they would tell you about some famous person who had been left with very large lips, or a face that seemed to be totally expressionless. This is not an uncommon reaction and also not surprising as the press seem to delight in celebrity misfortunes.

Unfortunately, these outcomes have, for some people, given facial aesthetic treatments an undeservedly bad name. So in today’s blog, we look at why these outcomes may have occurred and why you need not worry about Botox and Dermal fillers when treated by experienced clinicians.

Why the ‘trout pout’’?

There can be a number of reasons why some celebrities have had procedures that have resulted in these sometimes strange looking outcomes. Some actually seemed to approve of the extreme results which may seem odd to the rest of us, but each to their own we guess! Some people may also become addicted to having treatments such as these, making them more exaggerated each time. These are very rare cases though, and most outcomes were most probably not as expected.

Some people perhaps underestimate the results of the procedure and are happy to push the outcome just a little more than they perhaps should. This is quite possibly the reason for the ‘trout pout’ as it has become known, where lips are over exaggerated.  With an obvious facial feature such as the lips, a small change in their appearance can make a noticeable difference and it is wise to listen to the expertise of the facial aesthetics practitioner before leaping into any form of treatment.

Finally, there are always, sadly, a few practitioners that are happy to perform any procedure that is asked of them if the money is right. Some may also lack the expertise needed to perform these procedures and the results can go horribly wrong.

So is it safe?

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Don’t Risk Your Teeth & Gums By Brushing Too Hard

dentist gives advice

Brushing your teeth hard will not make them whiter and may result in damage.

Very occasionally we hear patients say that they are surprised that their teeth are dull in colour as they brush them so well. Of course, this won’t really help how white their teeth are and very often can lead to damage if brushing is too hard.

Receding gums and damaged enamel are two common results of brushing your teeth too hard, particularly where only a gentle circular motion is all that is required.

So if you can’t brush your teeth whiter then, what are the best options?

Professional clean

Where the surface enamel is stained to the point that regular brushing will not remove it, a professional clean with our hygienist is an excellent starting point. In addition to this, regular hygienist appointments are essential to fight gum disease. Whilst a ‘scale and polish’ won’t improve the natural whiteness of your teeth, it will help to remove surface staining.

Teeth whitening

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