Are Cheap Dental Implants an Option?

Looking at ‘special offers’ for dental implants placed abroad.

With dental implants becoming an increasingly popular option to replace missing teeth; it perhaps isn’t surprising that we are seeing an increasing number of people advertising cheap dental implants.

Many of these are provided by dental practices overseas, with some even throwing in a hotel room for good measure. At The Lodge Dental Suite in Hertfordshire, we acknowledge that implants can seem a little expensive, but if you look at other dental practices in the UK, you will find that the prices do not vary too radically.

Overseas treatment

The question that some of our patients from the Waltham Cross and Waltham Abbey areas have asked is, how viable it is to go abroad to have dental implants placed?

Whilst, undoubtedly, some patients have had a positive outcome to their procedure that was done abroad, the list of people who have had problems, some quite major, is too long for us to be able to recommend this approach. Whilst we aren’t doubting the sincerity of most of these dentists, there are a number of factors that should be considered.

Qualifications:- There is no one standard for dental practices around the world. This means that it really is pot luck as to how well qualified your dentist would be to place the implants. This is an invasive procedure that can be very painful if it goes wrong.

Language:- Most patients like to be able to communicate with the dentist, especially if they are a nervous patient. If the dentist or his team have a poor command of English, this can cause problems in communication.

Quality:- At the Lodge Dental Suite, we only use the best quality dental implants. These are made from titanium which is the only material known to fuse with the bone. This is an essential part of the process and it is this that gives the implants their strength and longevity.

To keep costs down for these ‘special offers’, it is possible that the implants may be made from a mixture of other materials too which will not fuse as well, causing them to fail.

Problems:- As with any medical procedure, there is always a risk that there may be complications afterwards. Having a conveniently situated dentist nearby means that you can be seen quickly and treated if needed. By using a dentist abroad, this could prove to be both a lengthy wait as well as extra travel expenses; not what you want, especially if you are in some discomfort.

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