Using Clear Aligner to Straighten Uneven Teeth

Both convenient and discreet, this orthodontic system offers a great way to straighten teeth.

Crooked teeth are common, and, for many years, the Americans, in particular have made fun of British teeth. Although this is obviously exaggerated for comedic purposes, nonetheless, many of us will acknowledge that our teeth could be straighter than they are.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for this, as exerting too much pressure on our teeth could cause damage to them. The only way to straighten teeth is through the use of one of the orthodontic methods that we have available at the Lodge Dental Suite.


We offer a number of different orthodontic systems at our practice, situated conveniently for patients from Enfield and Waltham Cross. For those simply wishing to straighten some of the highly visible front teeth, the Six Month Smiles system offers a fast and effective way to straighten these. For more problematic straightening issues though, Clear Aligner offers an excellent way to straighten the teeth, and in a more discreet manner.

Clear Aligner

Unlike traditional dental braces, Clear Aligner use a system of trays designed to fit over your teeth. These are made to fit each individual for maximum comfort and efficiency. Each tray is worn for approximately a fortnight, during which time it exerts gentle pressure on the teeth, coaxing them gently towards the correct position.

After two weeks, the tray is removed and replaced with the next in the series which continues the work. Whilst the Clear Aligner may not be the fastest method available, it offers benefits that others can’t match.

Discretion and comfort

Because the trays are made from transparent medical grade plastic, they are very discreet and unlikely to be noticed by most people when talking to you. As well as this, they can be easily removed whilst eating or cleaning your teeth.

This is a major bonus for people who socialise a lot, as eating with traditional braces can sometimes prove to be tricky and result in food becoming stuck in them. If not removed effectively, this can also lead to dental decay. All of the orthodontic systems that we use at The Lodge Dental Suite have different benefits for different tooth straightening needs, and a consultation is the best place to start to see which is best for your particular needs.

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