Confidence and Your Oral Health

Regular dental care – more important than you might think.

When we think about it, the mouth actually takes up but a small part of the human body.

Yet, despite the fact that much of the media focuses on other areas of our anatomy, the reality is that it is our face, and especially our smile, that most people notice when we first meet them.

In those brief moments, our brain processes lots of thoughts about the other person; are they trustworthy?, are they friendly? etc. Our smile, it seems, can tell us a lot about other people and many decisions may be made in just a few seconds.


Those few seconds may be crucial when they are deciding whether or not we get a job, for instance. First impressions count, which is why most people spruce themselves up for an interview. They know, instinctively, that, however well qualified they are, if they turn up in unwashed tee shirts and jeans, other candidates are at a distinct advantage.

The same can be said about having a healthy mouth.

Greeting people with a warm and pleasing smile is a good way to get off to an excellent start. Of course, other factors such as qualifications and personality will play a large part, but creating a good first impression will certainly be of great benefit.

Cosmetic dentistry

At The Lodge Dental Suite in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, we offer patients the opportunity to have a complimentary smile consultation. From this, we will discuss procedures, such as teeth whitening, that will help to greatly improve the appearance of your teeth, and consequently, your smile.

Oral health

It isn’t just the appearance of your teeth that counts though; equally, or more important, is the actual health of your mouth. If gum disease is present, and not treated in its early stages, there is a strong likelihood of bad breath. This is not the smelly breath following garlic consumption, but one which is far more objectionable and can make people take a step or two back when you are talking to them. Whilst halitosis may not be instantly noticeable at an interview perhaps; for anyone looking for a relationship, for example, this could be key to success or failure.

No matter how much you may work out in the gym or have a fantastic personality, few people will want to get close to anyone with whiffy breath. The good news is that gum disease is easily treatable if detected early and helps to emphasise the importance of regular oral health checks at our dental practice in Cheshunt, near Enfield.

To see what we can do to improve your smile, and to check your overall oral health, please call the Lodge Dental Suite today on 01992 643 388.