Whitening Your Teeth the Safe Way

Legislation now ensures that only professionals can carry out this procedure.

Until relatively recently, there was a surge in the number of businesses setting up on the high streets of Waltham Abbey and beyond, offering shoppers the chance to ‘pop in’ whilst they were shopping, to have their teeth whitened. In many ways, this made sense; a teeth whitening procedure is a speedy one which only takes about an hour out of the patient’s day, making it ideal for the busy person.

Some of these new premises, however, failed to fulfill safety standards, leading to new legislation which means that only fully qualified professionals, such as our team at The Lodge Dental Suite, are now able to carry out this popular cosmetic dental procedure.

Bleaching agents

One of the key reasons for this decision is that, in order for their treatment to be seen as very effective, some shops were using a far stronger solution of the whitening agent than was safe. This sometimes resulted in whiter teeth, perhaps, but left a number of patients with severe burning of the lips and gums, caused when the bleaching agent came into contact with them.

Permanently sensitive teeth too were a side effect of using incorrect procedures, with some patients of these “whitening shops” suffering significant discomfort.

Professional teeth whitening

By visiting one of the highly trained cosmetic dentists at The Lodge Dental Suite, our patients from the Cheshunt, Waltham Cross and Waltham Abbey areas in Hertfordshire can now be sure that their teeth whitening procedure will be safe as well as effective. The procedure, if done in-house, will take up only approximately one hour of your time and an appointment can be made to fit in with your other plans, where possible.

For those who prefer the convenience of having their teeth whitened at home, we also offer this facility. We use the Philips Zoom whitening products to ensure both safe and fast results for our patients. The ‘WhiteSpeed’ product is used in our dental practice, whilst ‘Whiten at Home’ is offered for patients who prefer this option.

At home options

The ‘at home’ option that we provide, is chosen for both its safety and its effectiveness. It should not be confused with some teeth whitening kits which can be bought off the shelf. Whilst some of these may be marginally effective, the trays that the whitening agent is placed into are generic and may not fit correctly, enabling the liquid to leak out and potentially cause soft tissue burns.

The kit that we provide allows the patient to have custom made trays that ensure a comfortable and secure fit, preventing this from happening.

To book your one hour teeth whitening procedure or to discuss the ‘at home’ kit, please call the Lodge Dental Suite today on 01992 643 388.