Male Grooming – Changing Attitudes

Looking good is now equally important for both sexes.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that women would take a long time getting themselves ready for an evening out, whilst the men would simply flick a comb through their hair and maybe put on a tie.

Look in the bathroom of many families now though and you are likely to see as many ‘beauty’ products for men as you are women. Whether hair gels or moisturisers, it seems that men are now taking good care of their appearance.

Fresh breath

It is not only appearances though; more and more men are becoming aware of the importance of having fresh breath. Whilst mild bad breath can perhaps be masked with breath fresheners, to some extent, more severe bad breath is likely to have a deeper cause, in many cases, gum disease. At The Lodge Dental Suite in Hertfordshire, this is something that we look for when we perform routine examinations of our patient’s mouth. In most cases, any gum disease that is found is easily treated, providing that it has not become advanced through neglect.

Attractive teeth

With research showing that an attractive smile attracts more people to us, it probably comes as no surprise to learn that an increasing percentage of our patients from the Cheshunt and Enfield areas seeking cosmetic dental treatments are men. Whilst the ever popular teeth whitening treatment is top of the list of treatments requested, it is certainly not the only one.

Having whiter teeth is one thing, but, if the teeth in question are uneven, with gaps in them, the whitening effects only serves to draw attention to this fact. Through using the fast acting Six Month Smiles orthodontic system, not only can we ensure that our patients teeth are white but that they are straight and even as well.

The combination of these two treatments help to ensure that our male (and female) patients can have a great new smile once the treatment period has ended.

Facial aesthetics

As well as great looking teeth, we are also able to offer our patients rejuvenating facial treatments that help to smooth out those lines and wrinkles that occur as we get older. Whether using Botox or Juvederm treatments, we are able to ease those wrinkles from your face and help you to defy your years, enabling you to look your best at all times. Of course, once these treatments have taken effect, although quite long lasting, the whitening and facial treatments may need to be repeated at intervals in order for you to maintain this appearance.

It is also important that good overall care is taken of your oral health as well, as gum disease especially can re-occur, should you neglect this.

Whether male or female though, we are always happy to help you to achieve your aims regarding your appearance. To achieve this, a cosmetic consultation is recommended and you can book yours by calling us on 01992 643 388.