Are E-Cigarettes Better than Regular Cigarettes for Oral Health?

A look at whether smokers should swap to the new breed of electronic cigarettes.

You may have recently seen news articles, following much research, that states that e-cigarettes are 95% less dangerous to health than tobacco based cigarettes.

This study, carried out by Public Health England, has been a long time coming as we suspect, and some of our patients at The Lodge Dental Suite who smoke have also told us, that many people have been apprehensive in swapping to the vapour based products from their regular smoking habit.

Long term

This is probably not a surprise as many illnesses caused by inhalation of fumes occur after a long period of time and are not instantly noticeable. Indeed, advertisements for cigarettes have even, historically, portrayed medical professionals relaxing with a cigarette after a stressful day. Now, we all know the deadly potentials of smoking, yet some of us find it very difficult to quit. This is likely to be due, in main, to the addictive nature of nicotine, but some also cite that moment of peace and contemplation they get as they inhale and then exhale.

Oral benefits

Whilst, at this stage, we can’t be absolutely certain that there will not be any long term risks of using e-cigarettes; with Public Health England’s report, we feel as confident as we can in recommending that our remaining smoking patients of The Lodge Dental Suite in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, seriously consider swapping to these if you really cannot quit. You may even find it to be a useful transitional tool to becoming a non smoker.

By stopping smoking, you will certainly help to keep your teeth and gums much healthier too.

Not only will your teeth not suffer any further staining from tar containing products (and we can help to reverse this discoloration with our Zoom teeth whitening procedure), but more serious issues such as advanced gum disease and potentially oral cancers are much less likely to occur. Both of these are serious oral health problems which are largely avoidable by stopping smoking (or switching to e-cigarettes) and through developing good oral health habits.

Our dental team are always happy to talk to you to discuss how you might improve your oral health regimen; from advice on toothbrushes and toothpastes through to how to floss your teeth efficiently or use the alternatives that are currently available.

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend non smokers to take up e-cigarettes as there are arguments suggesting that they may lead people to smoke regular cigarettes; if you are currently a smoker, it does appear that a change to e-cigarettes is certainly likely to be a major beneficial move for your health, both oral and general.

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