Natural Teeth Whitening in Hertfordshire

Just the right shade of whiteness for your teeth….

At The Lodge Dental Suite, perhaps our most popular cosmetic treatment is our Zoom teeth whitening procedure.

Whether using our in office method or the Zoom home whitening kit, this is an affordable and effective way of achieving nicer looking teeth.

Recently, one of our patients from Waltham Cross raised the point that not everybody wants to have the kind of teeth that we often see on Hollywood celebrities, saying that the brightness seemed overbearing and unnatural. Whether that is true or not is, essentially, down to personal preference and some patients do wish for a very bright smile of this type.

How natural is natural?

It does raise an interesting point though about how white teeth should be. The answer though is really down to each individual patient. The fact that our teeth darken in colour naturally as we get older means that we become accustomed to a darker shade than we had when we were younger. This can lead us to believe that a darker shade is more natural.

Whilst many teeth whitening patients are more than happy to have their teeth whitened to a level that they had when younger, others feel that this might be a step too far and could even make their appearance seem a bit unnatural to those around them.

Your choice

The fact is, that by using the Zoom whitening method, the cosmetic dentist at Lodge Dental Suite is able to whiten your teeth to the degree that you decide you want. If your teeth have become somewhat yellow and you simply want to get rid of this effect, we can plan the treatment around this. Whether in house or at home, it simply means not continuing the process for as long.

Both whitening methods are very effective and much more so than the teeth whitening products available in the chemists. These, by law, are not allowed to be as strong for safety reasons and only professionally trained dentists are now allowed to whiten teeth. This is to ensure that the gums and other soft tissues are fully protected from potential burning.

Cosmetic Consultation

At The Lodge Dental Suite in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, we firmly believe in talking to our patients and understanding what their hopes and aims for their teeth are. Our role is not to impose a level of whiteness on your teeth that you are uncomfortable with, but to work with you so that you achieve exactly the type of healthy looking smile that you wish for.

To talk to us about any aspect of our teeth whitening procedure, or to arrange a consultation, please call us on 01992 643 388.