Free Smile Consultation in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Curious how we can improve your smile? Take advantage of our free consultation.

As Summer starts to draw to its conclusion, it can sometimes make us feel a bit grey and drab, often like the weather in this country. This can be a good time to take a look at ourselves and to give ourselves a bit of a makeover to help us through the colder months.

This can, of course, include new (and warmer!) clothes, but many people also look to compliment these with an improved smile to brighten up their day, and those of others.

A ‘smilier’ you….

Many of us, often subconsciously, smile less as we get older. For some, this may be simply the realities of their day to day lives, but for many, it is often the fact that our teeth no longer look as good as they did do when we were younger. Some of the reasons for this are inevitable. Each and every one of us will find that our teeth start to darken in shade as we grow older. Some if this can be made worse by factors such as smoking or eating teeth staining foods and drinks, but a natural darkening occurs inside the teeth with age; a darkening that no amount of cleaning our teeth will be able to correct.

Small chips and cracks on the teeth are also likely to appear as a result of natural wear and tear, and, combined with the discoloured teeth, can make us more reluctant to smile openly than we may have done previously.

Free smile consultation

Although discoloration and wear and tear of our teeth do occur, this doesn’t mean that our teeth have to be this way, and, at The Lodge Dental Suite, we offer our patients, not only from Cheshunt, but local areas such as Enfield and Waltham Abbey also, the opportunity to discuss how we might be able to improve the situation, and all this for free! During your free consultation, we will discuss with you how you feel about your teeth and what you would like to achieve in terms of their improvement.

Many patients will simply opt for the Zoom teeth whitening treatment, but others may also consider dental veneers where their teeth are heavily discoloured or chipped.

Patients who have amalgam fillings may also consider the use of white tooth coloured fillings to make them less obviously when they laugh or smile.

Face and beauty

For those who wish to take the makeover a step further, we are also able to offer facial treatments at our Cheshunt practice in Hertfordshire, and can help to remove those ageing lines from your skin and plump up areas such as the lips that may have thinned with age.

To arrange your free smile consultation at The Lodge Dental Suite, please call us now on 01992 643 388.