Dealing with Sporting Facial Injuries

How our North London dental practice can help to restore a damaged smile.

With the Rugby world cup now underway, we thought it would be an appropriate time to take a look at dental care when playing sports.

Whilst some sports are low, or no, contact, such as running; many sports have an element of physical contact to them. Commonly played games such as Rugby, football and even cricket spring to mind.

Whilst facial injuries are fairly rare in cricket as the face is well protected by a helmet; in rugby especially, the risk of facial injuries is quite high. Because of this, we recommend that patients of The Lodge Dental Suite, who play rugby, invest in a good quality mouthguard to help to protect the teeth.


Any sport that has an element of contact comes with a risk, and we have seen patients who have suffered facial injuries from receiving kicks and blows to the face, which has caused teeth to be broken or even knocked out. Whilst professional teams will have medical aid on hand, this is not always the case at a local level, yet injuries can be equally severe.

Especially if you suffer a significant facial injury during a game and have not received medical treatment, the first step should be to attend your local A&E to ensure that there is no significant head trauma that needs to be urgently treated. Provided that you are given the all clear, any damage to your teeth then needs to be taken care of.


Following a facial injury where the teeth have been affected, you should make an appointment with our Cheshunt dentists as soon as you can. Any broken teeth are likely to leave sharp edges which can cut your mouth, and, the already weakened damaged tooth may break further if not treated promptly. Following a thorough examination, our dental team will carry out any urgent restorations such as fillings or perhaps preparation for you to receive a dental crown, where the damage is significant.

Once the damaged teeth have been restored, we will discuss any additional issues which may have arisen following the injury.

This especially applies to the front teeth, which are vulnerable to injury and also highly visible. In cases where these have been knocked out, the patient is likely to want to replace them with an artificial tooth. Whilst dentures are widely available, we will also discuss the possibility of replacing any missing teeth with dental implants for long term security.

If you have received a sporting facial injury, or for protective advice, please call The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643 388.