Using Our Dental Plan for Great Oral Health Care

The benefits of using the new monthly plans available at The Lodge Dental Suite.

For many years, dental care was largely only available, for the majority of people, on the NHS with private dentistry only being an option for the wealthy few. As dentistry has advanced though, and a wider range of procedures have become available, there has been an increase in the number of private dental care providers, such as ourselves, who have come into existence in order to meet the growing demand for cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and dental implants.


Whilst some people are still quite happy to visit an NHS dentist for essential dental care, others now look to the procedures available in the private sector which are designed, not only to ensure good oral health, but to also enhance the patient’s smile. Cosmetic dental procedures are not available in NHS dental practices as they are not deemed to be essential. This means then, that the patient has to bear the full cost of these procedures. To help spread the payments for this, we have put dental plans in place to help our patients from the Enfield and North London areas take full advantage of the range of procedures available at The Lodge Dental Suite.

Not only do our affordable dental plans cover essential preventative care such as x-rays, examinations and hygienist visits, but they also currently offer 10% discount on selected treatments.

So the plan really does help patients to spread the cost of treatments that may otherwise seem unaffordable.

Accident and emergency cover

Whilst we hope that none of our patients ever have cause to need it, our dental plan also covers accident and emergency cover for dental treatments required outside of surgery hours or whilst abroad, that are the result of an accident such as a fall or blow to the face.

Preventative care

Perhaps the main benefit of using our dental plan is that it helps to ensure that our patients receive regular dental care which will keep their teeth and gums healthy, thereby avoiding the need for more invasive dental treatments such as extractions or root canal surgery.

Both The Lodge Prevention Plan and Gum Care Plan cover your twice yearly examinations. In addition to this, the prevention plan also covers two visits per year to the hygienist where your gums will be examined and your teeth scaled and polished where necessary. The gum care plan, as might be expected from the name, covers two additional hygiene visits which will keep your gums in tip top condition. Whilst both plans offer excellent value for money, the gum care plan is especially beneficial for patients whose gum health might be at a bigger risk. This includes groups such as diabetics, smokers, and those who suffer from a dry mouth as a side effect of medication.

If you are a current patient at The Lodge Dental Suite or, perhaps, are looking for a private local Hertfordshire dental practice to help you enhance your smile, we will be pleased to discuss our dental plan options with you. Please call us on 01992 643 388 to talk to our reception team.