Pregnancy and Your Oral Health

Looking at some of the dental problems that expectant mums might experience.

Expecting a child can be joyous but at the same time, quite trying.

The experience varies and whilst some women enjoy the experience of being pregnant, other simply can’t wait to give birth. Whatever stage you are at in your pregnancy or if you have recently given birth, it is important to look after yourself including taking extra care of your oral health too. Being pregnant can  sometimes have unexpected consequences for your teeth and gums.


There used to be an old wives tale which said that a woman would lose a tooth for every child due to a calcium deficiency when pregnant. Providing that a reasonable diet is followed though, calcium loss should not be an issue. What is an issue is the changes in hormones in a woman’s body during pregnancy. One side effect of this is the way in which the gums respond to the bacteria present in the mouth.

The bacteria, which under normal circumstances can be relatively easily kept under control, can cause more problems during pregnancy, and some signs of early stage gum disease such as soreness or bleeding gums is not uncommon. If ignored and left to advance, it may well progress from gingivitis to periodontitis with the possibility of some tooth loss.

Home and professional care

Whilst it can be an effort for some people during pregnancy, making sure that you brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste will go a long way in the prevention of gum disease.

If you don’t floss your teeth at present, pregnancy would be a good reason for introducing it into your daily routine as this helps to remove the bacteria from these difficult to reach places between the teeth. You should also see your dentist regularly, and, at The Lodge Dental Suite, following examination, we may suggest that you visit us at our Cheshunt dental practice in Hertfordshire more regularly than normal, so that the plaque can be kept under control.

New mums

When your child is born, visiting the dentist is probably the last thing on your mind. We would recommend however, that, as soon as you feel able, you pay The Lodge Dental Suite a visit so that we can check your oral health, and especially your gums. With gum disease increasingly being linked to a number of general health problems, ensuring that your teeth and gums are in good shape will help to contribute to your general health for the years ahead.

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