Stoptober – Can you Stop Smoking?

A polite challenge to our long term smoking patients at the Lodge Dental Suite

This month has been designated as ’Stoptober’ by Public Health England, and is a month focussed on encouraging more and more people to stop smoking in a bid to reduce the number of deaths caused through lung and heart problems related to this habit.

When a number of barriers were put in place to prevent smoking, in particular the ban of smoking in public places, many people breathed a sigh of relief; not only just those who wanted to be able to socialise in a smoke free environment, but also a large number of smokers who wanted to quit, and knew the risks, but needed that extra push.

Long term smokers

For a small but sizeable group though, this ban has perhaps only served to ostracize them. Whilst there are a core group who simply enjoy smoking and will always do so, there are also a large number of long term smokers who may have already tried to stop but failed and perhaps have given up attempting to do so. This is despite research that indicates that those who manage to stop for twenty eight days are five times more likely to do so on a permanent basis.

At The Lodge Dental Suite in Hertfordshire, we know the damage that smoking can do, not only to the heart and lungs, but to the oral health of patients too. Not only is the risk of gum disease increased, but other factors such as degraded bone structure and even oral cancers are significantly more likely in regular smokers.

With this in mind, we would like to challenge our smoking patients to go the extra mile this month in their efforts to stop smoking.


Whilst we know how hard it can be, and some of our patients from the Enfield and Waltham Cross areas have told us how hard they have tried to stop, the benefits of doing so are more than worth it. These are just a few of the benefits that can be expected.

Better health – It goes without saying that your health will be better if you stop smoking. This goes for overall health and oral health too. Some patients have said that they actually feel worse when they stop but this is temporary and persevering through a potentially difficult time will reap benefits in the longer run. Having the help and support of friends and relatives can be especially useful during these times.

Social life – Although, as a regular smoker, you may not notice it, but the truth is that your clothes smell, your hair smells, and, if gum disease is present (more likely in smokers), your breath probably smells too. Whilst this may seem a little brutal, this is the experience of the non smokers, now the majority, who you meet on a daily basis. You are likely to find that, if you stop smoking, your circle of friends will widen, possibly opening up opportunities for you that were previously closed.

Wealth – You may not become a millionaire by stopping smoking, but you will save money. If you currently smoke even ten cigarettes a day; based on a packet of twenty cigarettes costing approximately £8; over a month you will save in the region of £120 per month, or nearly £1500 a year. There are a lot of things that you can buy with that money! Ultimately though, Stoptober is about saving lives and improving our health, and we hope that through seeing one of our Cheshunt dentists on a regular basis, we can not only minimise any damage to your oral health that may be present, but also encourage you to stop smoking, for the sake of your health and for those around you.

If you smoke and would like an oral health check, please call The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643388 to arrange a consultation.