Dental Implants and Bone Integration

Why dental implants offer the strongest tooth replacement option.

If you have not yet lost an adult tooth, you may not have even heard of dental implants, and, like many people, believe that dentures are the only option available when a tooth is lost.

Even those who have heard of them but are not familiar with them, may have some misconceptions about what they are and how they work. For those people, and those who find dentures uncomfortable and inconvenient, our Cheshunt dentist explains why they offer the strength and longevity that they do and why they are recognised by many to be the best way to replace missing teeth.


To understand how dental implants came about, we need to look back to the 1950s, when a Swedish scientist, Per-Ingvar Brånemark, an orthopedic surgeon, was performing experiments on rabbits which involved the placing of cylindrical tubes of titanium into the bone to heal broken bones. Much to his surprise, when the experiment ended, he tried to remove the titanium tubes but found that they had become strongly bonded to the rabbits bone. This discovery led to further experiments and it was concluded that this was a remarkable discovery that could be used in humans, not only for bone repair, but also to provide an artificial root for a tooth that would be held securely by the jawbone.

Titanium implants

To date, only titanium implants have been found to do this effectively. For this reason, you will find that we only use high quality dental implants at The Lodge Dental Suite to ensure a successful outcome for our patients. You should be wary, especially, of offers of cheap dental implants abroad as these costs may have been reduced by the use of inferior quality implants which will not bond as well, and may eventually become loose and fall out.


Providing that good quality titanium implants are used and are placed by an experienced local dentist such as those available to our patients from not only Cheshunt, but nearby areas such as Waltham Cross and Waltham Abbey; the success rate of dental implants is very high indeed. Providing that the patient looks after their oral health in general, following the implant placement, the dental implants should be expected to last for twenty years, and very often many more. They have even been known to last for over thirty years in some cases.

We understand that the implant procedure may seem a little ‘challenging’ for some people and we will be pleased to sit down and talk you through the process. We are sure that you will discover that the procedure is not to be feared, and that the benefits of dental implants are well worth the little bit of patience that is needed initially.

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