Non Invasive Smile Improvements

Look your best for the party season without having a dental procedure!

With the Christmas adverts appearing on every street and seemingly every TV commercial break, many of us will be starting to think about the round of Christmas and New Year social events and perhaps also thinking about how to look our best for them. New clothes and a new hairstyle are popular ways to make us feel extra special at these times, and increasingly, many people also opt for cosmetic dental procedures at The Lodge Dental Suite to bring out the best in their smile too.

Too late?

Whilst it is never too late to start cosmetic dental treatments, some, such as teeth straightening, can take much longer to work and would not correct a smile in time for Xmas, unless the adjustment needed was very minor. Also, we acknowledge that some people are afraid of dental treatment and, for these people, it can be hard enough simply to attend for check ups, despite our efforts to put all patients at ease.

So, what are your local dental options available for those in the Waltham Cross and Waltham Abbey areas who want to spruce up their smile in time for the festive season, but without invasive treatment?

Nicer teeth

There are two popular ways to make your teeth look great for the party season. The most well known of these is the teeth whitening treatment. In fact, by using the Zoom teeth whitening method, we can improve the whiteness of your teeth by a factor of six in approximately one hour. This is a non invasive treatment that should cause no discomfort for the patient and is therefore particularly suitable for anyone suffering from dental anxiety.

Teeth whitening is great, but, if your teeth are not only discoloured but cracked and chipped, dental veneers would be the next obvious option. This does, however, involve some dental work being done to prepare the front surface of the teeth to receive the veneers. For this reason, some nervous patients may be reluctant to have this done.

Snap on Smile

There is, however, a simple and non invasive method of smile improvement available at The Lodge Dental Suite which is an excellent option for anyone wishing to look their best for special occasions, but without the need for invasive dental surgery. This is called the Snap on Smile. As the name suggests, these do not replace or repair any of your natural teeth, but simply fits on top of them in a comfortable and convenient manner. The Snap on Smile is highly customisable and is made following photographs and impressions being taken of your teeth. They can be made in the shade of whiteness that you require and can be worn whilst eating too.

Once your social event is over, you simply detach them, clean them, and put them away, ready for the next time that you wish to use them.

If you live in the Waltham Cross or Waltham Abbey area of North London and would like to look your best for the party season, why not make a start now by calling The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643388?