Maintaining Healthy Teeth Whilst Wearing Braces

Don’t wreck your new straight teeth with poor care….

More and more people are turning to cosmetic dentistry in order to straighten out uneven teeth. Having discovered that dark metal coloured braces are no longer the only option available in the Waltham Cross and Waltham Abbey area, The Lodge Dental Suite has noticed a rise in the number of people wanting to have the treatment.

This is good news, and we have no doubt that anyone choosing to have the procedure will be delighted with their new straight teeth. There is a caveat to this though, and that is if the teeth have not been correctly cared for whilst the brace was being worn, the patient may well notice signs of decay or even gum disease once removed.


Above all, it is important to brush your teeth whilst wearing braces. Even cosmetic braces such as the Six Month Smile system uses wires and brackets, albeit of much finer materials. This can make cleaning more difficult and we will offer advice when they are fitted. Generally though, the use of a softer brush is advisable, brushing up and down at an angle that enables you to clean behind the brackets and wires as well as you can. We also strongly recommend that a fluoride toothpaste is used to help strengthen the enamel to help protect the teeth against decay.


Around 80% of us don’t floss our teeth with any regularity at all. This number probably rises to nearer 100% amongst orthodontic wearers as it becomes an even more difficult  task to perform as the wires and brackets get in the way. Some patients of the Lodge Dental Suite find that using small interdental sticks makes it easier to get to the gums, keeping them clean and avoiding gum disease and its related problems, such as bad breath.


There is some debate, even amongst dentists, as to how effective mouthwashes are. Under no circumstances should they replace brushing or flossing, but they may have some added value for brace wearers. Indeed, even swilling water aggressively in the mouth will help to dislodge food particles that have become trapped in the wires and brackets. Doing this as soon as possible following a meal is advisable.

Clear braces

Our patients from across Hertfordshire are also able to take advantage of the Clear Aligner orthodontics that we have available at The Lodge Dental Suite. These are designed to be removed when eating and also when cleaning the teeth, thus avoiding many of the problems associated with traditional style braces.

For more information about teeth teeth straightening, of for advice on your oral health care whilst wearing them, please call us on 01992 643 388.