Straight and Even Teeth the Easy Way

The Six Month Smile is a fast and effective way of straightening teeth.

If you have ever looked at your teeth in a mirror and noticed how crooked they are, you will probably have wondered how they could be straightened. For many people, the only known option is the old style metal dental braces, with all the unattractiveness that they bring.

Many of our patients from the Enfield and Waltham Cross area are surprised then, to discover that orthodontic systems have moved on quite considerably, and that we now have  a number of cosmetic orthodontic treatments that can be used to straighten teeth, that do not have the high visibility of metal braces.

Six Month Smile

One of the most popular of these methods is the one known as the Six Month Smile. As you might have guessed from the name, this method takes, on average, just six months to straighten out the patient’s teeth. In fact, where there is only mild crookedness, the treatment time can be significantly shorter. In essence, this particular method is largely cosmetic as it focuses only on the visible teeth towards the front of the mouth and does not affect the rear teeth. For most Lodge Dental Suite Patients, this is exactly what they have been looking for in order to give them a better and more confident smile.

How it works

Although the Six Month Smile does use a wire and brackets approach to teeth straightening, in a similar way to traditional braces; the materials that it uses are made from much finer materials for more comfort, and are also made in the same shade as your teeth so that they are much less visible. The orthodontics are custom made to fit each patient and are produced following the taking of impressions at the initial teeth straightening consultation. Once the procedure is complete, and the braces removed, a retainer will be fitted to prevent your teeth from returning to their pre-treatment state.


Whilst some orthodontic methods can take more than a year to work, the speed at which Six Month Smiles works, enables patients to plan ahead. This is ideal for anyone planning a wedding, for example, or any other important event where they wish to look at their very best. In fact, some of our patients, on completing the treatment, also take advantage of our teeth whitening treatment to make the very best of their new even smile.

If you have crooked teeth and live in the Enfield and Waltham Cross area, why not call The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643388 to see how we can help you to improve your smile.