Dental Implants – Rear Teeth

It is not just the visible teeth that matter.

These days. you don’t tend to see too many people walking around the high streets of Enfield and Waltham Cross with visibly missing front teeth.

Few people would accept this and would look to have them replaced by a substitute such as a denture or bridge, at least.

However, many of our patients at The Lodge Dental Suite choose dental implants as their preferred method for secure and natural replacement, particularly when a visible front tooth has been lost. However, just because a rear tooth is less visible though, doesn’t mean that it should not be replaced with an implant in a similar fashion. Today’s blog looks at why it also makes good sense to replace missing rear teeth too.

Rear teeth

Our back teeth are  a little more difficult to clean and also take the brunt of our daily chewing which actually leaves them open to wear and damage over time; perhaps even more-so than our front teeth. When the damage has actually reached a point where repair is no longer viable and extraction is needed, the patient is left with the prospect of a gap. Because of the fact that they are not visible, many patients then simply leave the gap, allowing the gum to heal, and carrying on as before. This is not an advisable strategy though, as the back teeth provide a number of important functions which we take a look at below:

Facial Shape Support

Although we may not realise it, our rear teeth play a significant role in supporting our cheeks. When a rear tooth is lost then, our facial shape can begin to lose height and the cheeks appear to gradually collapse. This can lead to a premature ageing appearance, and also to an increase in facial wrinkles and folds as the cheeks collapse.


The rear teeth are crucial to our eating habits, playing the key role of grinding our food so that we can digest it more easily, thereby obtaining maximum nutrition from it. This is especially important for older patients, when tooth loss is more likely.

Teeth misalignment

When any tooth is lost, whether front or rear, this leaves a space that the adjoining teeth will move into over a period of time. Each tooth that moves then creates a space for another, and so on. Eventually, the patient can be left with uneven and unattractive teeth.

Replacement choices

Whilst dentures and bridges can be used to replace missing rear teeth; it is our firm belief that dental implants offer the best option by some margin. Because of the stress that is placed upon the rear teeth, both bridges and dentures may not be completely effective whereas a dental implant placed at The Lodge Dental Suite, once fully integrated, will offer an excellent replacement tooth that offers strength and longevity and requires only regular oral health care habits to keep it in good condition.

If you would like to talk to us about replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant, and live in the Enfield and Waltham Cross area, please call our practice today on 01992 643388.