Avoiding Christmas Dental Problems

A few tips from The Lodge Dental Suite team to ensure a trouble free Christmas.

Most people love Christmas; the friends, family and sometimes over consumption of food, often followed by Christmas TV programmes or a snooze on the sofa.

Whilst it can be a great time for people of all ages though, it is worth keeping at the back of our minds, a few things than can prove to be hazardous for our teeth and gums during this time.


We know that, for most people, a vast amount of sugar will be consumed during this period and we certainly wouldn’t wish to be killjoys about that! It should be remembered though, that sugar is the leading cause of tooth decay so a little less is no bad thing if you can manage it. Most importantly though, at a time when sugar, and possibly alcohol, consumption is high; we should make sure that we take the time to brush and floss our teeth really well, however tired we might be at the end of the day.

The Sixpence

Perhaps this doesn’t happen as often as in the past, with most people buying their Christmas puddings from supermarkets; but if you are making your own and putting a sixpence in it for good luck, make sure to make your guests aware. A broken tooth at Christmas is the last thing that anybody needs!

Party tricks

Everyone’s favourite uncle knows a party trick or two. Some party tricks though can backfire. We usually see a patient or two from The Enfield and Waltham Abbey area just after Christmas, who thought it was a good idea to show how they open beer bottles with their teeth and, instead, broke their tooth. It really isn’t worth it, and, with many dental practices closed over Christmas, can lead to prolonged discomfort.


A lot of alcohol will be consumed over the festive period but this does present a number of potential dental problems. Alcoholic drinks are usually high in sugar, which, as we know, leads to dental decay. Excess consumption is also likely to lead to a dry mouth, a known factor for increased risk of gum disease. In addition to this, there is also a heightened risk of accidents when too much alcohol has been consumed.

Dental emergencies

Our team at The Lodge Dental Suite wish all of our patients from Cheshunt, Enfield, Waltham Cross and Waltham Abbey a fantastic and problem free Christmas. In the unfortunate event that a dental emergency should arise, please call our usual telephone number (01992 643 388) where you will find instructions of where to contact for emergency treatment. Requests for prompt appointments for less urgent cases can also be left at this number. Merry Christmas!