Effective Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our cosmetic dentist near Waltham Abbey discusses one of our most popular aesthetic procedures.

At The Lodge Dental Suite, as we mentioned in our last blog; we offer a selection of cosmetic dental procedures that can really help you to bring out the best in your smile. The most popular of these are our teeth whitening treatments, which can be done either in-house, or in the comfort of your own home.

Patients may choose either of these for their own reasons, but both are highly effective, and, once a patient’s teeth have been whitened to their taste, further top ups can be maintained to prevent them from slipping back to their discoloured state.

Zoom ‘in house’ whitening

This is the method that patients tend to choose when they want to see results fast. Reasons vary but this method is excellent for those who have an important event coming up at relatively short notice and want to look their best for it. The procedure is relatively straightforward and performed by our Waltham Abbey cosmetic dentist who will, first of all, ensure that your lips and gums are fully protected to prevent them coming into contact with the whitening ingredient.

The whitening gel is then placed on the teeth and is activated using a WhiteSpeed lamp which helps to break down any staining and improves the speed and efficiency with which your teeth are whitened. After just one hour of this treatment, patients of The Lodge Dental Suite should expect to notice an improvement of up to six shades of whiteness in their teeth!

Zoom ‘at home’ whitening

For those who need their teeth whitened less urgently, or perhaps, would simply prefer to perform this in the comfort of their own home; home whitening kits are also available. These are unlike the kits that can be bought in chemists in two key ways. Firstly, the trays into which the whitening ingredient is placed are made specifically for each patient. This ensures a snug but comfortable fit, preventing leaking of the ingredient on to the lips and gums (there have been reports of burns from some shop bought kits).

The other factor is that, as they are supervised professionally, the strength of the ingredient used is stronger, making it more efficient. Two variations of the home whitening kits are available. One of these allows the wearer to whiten their teeth during the day, wearing the trays for approximately half an hour twice a day. The other allows them to be worn whilst asleep. In both cases, results take between one and two weeks to be fully noticeable.

Whichever teeth whitening solution suits you best, we are happy to advise and discuss your choice with you, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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