Invisible Braces for Waltham Abbey Patients

A closer look at the various teeth straightening options available at The Lodge Dental Suite.

Having a set of whiter, even teeth, is high on many people’s wish list.

At the end of the day, we all like to look our best, and studies have shown that our smile is one of the first things that people notice about us. With this in mind, it is perhaps not surprising that those looking for a cosmetic dentist in Waltham Abbey do so, looking for an effective, but discreet method of having their teeth straightened.

We are delighted, then, to be able to offer not just one, but three different systems that we have available, each of which has its own merits and benefits, depending on the patient’s requirements.

Six Month Smile

As you may guess from its name, the Six Month Smile is a fast acting orthodontic system, with 6 months being the average time that it takes to reposition a patient’s teeth. It should be noted that, depending on the extent of the work needed, this method can take longer, or shorter, than the general period mentioned. This system does use the more conventional ‘dental brace’ approach to teeth straightening, although it is more comfortable and discreet due to the finer, tooth coloured materials used in its production.

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is another popular orthodontic system at The Lodge Dental Suite. This system can work even faster than the Six Month Smile and treatment can be completed in four to sixteen weeks. It is a relatively discreet and comfortable method which is generally used for patients who only need minor correction to their crooked teeth. Our dentist serving Waltham Abbey will examine you and discuss whether this is an appropriate system, or whether there are better options available, such as the Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner

The Clear Aligner offers a different approach altogether for attaining even teeth. In fact, this method can truly be called a near ‘invisible brace’ in that it is made from a transparent medical grade plastic and fits directly over your teeth. These trays, as they are often called, are custom made from impressions and are designed not only to be discreet, but also comfortable for the patient to wear. A number of trays are produced which are worn in sequence, to move your teeth gradually to their correct position.

Although this method is not as fast acting as some others, it offers significant advantages as it can be easily removed when eating, removing the difficulty of eating whilst wearing braces.

For more information about the invisible braces available for our Waltham Abbey patients, please call The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643 388.