Get A Boost In Confidence With Whiter Teeth

Teeth whitening at The Lodge Dental Suite for our Hertfordshire patients.

Whilst it is true that most of our patients come to us from Cheshunt and nearby locations; we do get a significant number of people traveling from further afield. Whilst these patients come to us for a number of reasons, one of the main ones is that they are looking for reputable teeth whitening services in Hertfordshire and are prepared to travel accordingly. To cater for this, we are pleased to offer both ‘at home’ and ‘in house’ whitening options for our patients, many of whom go on to tell their friends about us and the wide range of cosmetic dental services that we offer.

First impressions

With studies showing that the first thing that people notice about us when we first meet, is our smile; perhaps it is not surprising that whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment around. These first impressions can, at times, have profound implications for our future. Whilst a smile alone may not be enough to get a particular job or form a relationship, it can certainly be a very good starting point. A warm smile can show an openness and trust that can really help a person to empathise with the other party, for example at an important job interview.

In addition to this, teeth whitening, whether our practice based system or the customised kit that we provide for home whitening, is one of the most affordable and instantly noticeable treatments that can improve your smile. The fact that it involves no invasive dental procedure also makes it a popular treatment for those who have a fear of dentistry in general.

Two Zoom options

At The Lodge Dental Suite, we offer a choice of two Zoom products to whiten the teeth. Both of these are effective and the choice is down to each person’s preferences.

Some prefer to use the Zoom Whitespeed which allows us to whiten your teeth in just one hour. Others prefer to use the Zoom home whitening method which takes longer, but can be done at home at your leisure. Many patients who are looking, not necessarily to have very white teeth, but to give them a bit of a boost, choose this method as it is easy to stop at a shade of whiteness that is ideal for you.

Whether you live in Cheshunt; or any town or village in Hertfordshire, you can be sure of both professional advice and treatment from our experienced dental team. Please call us today on 01992 643 388.