Treat Your Valentine To A Smile Makeover

Our complimentary smile consultations in Hertfordshire could be the start to a new you.

Valentine’s day presents are often predictable; chocolate, champagne etc etc. Whilst there is nothing wrong with these as gifts (and we are happy to accept any unwanted ones here!), sometimes it pays to think outside the box.

One possible suggestion that we would like to make is a smile makeover for your partner. Naturally, like buying body hygiene products for someone else, this should perhaps be approached tactfully! The benefits though are certainly worth it, and we have many testimonials from our patients from Waltham Cross and Enfield which show how pleased they are with the results.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover starts with our complimentary smile consultation. This is a non clinical appointment where we discuss with you, how you would like your teeth to look, and the best way of achieving this. The smile makeover itself can consist of any number of treatments. For example, someone with beautiful white teeth may simply require fast acting orthodontic treatment, such as the Six Month Smile, to correct a slightly crooked tooth that spoils an otherwise perfect set.

The most popular procedure though is teeth whitening which is a highly affordable treatment that makes a very noticeable difference to your smile. Other procedures which might be used as part of a smile makeover include veneers and dental implants. The purpose of the smile makeover is to design a treatment plan for each individual patient, based on their own needs and desires.

Your smile

Your smile is important to us at The Lodge Dental Suite. More to the point though, it should be important for you. A smile has been shown to be the first thing that most people notice in others. The initial impression that a great smile can get you off to a good start in any relationship, whether personal or business. Whether your mouth needs extensive work, such as teeth replacement by dental implants, or a simple, yet effective, teeth whitening procedure, we are happy to help our local Valentines achieve this.

It isn’t just teeth either; if your partner is happy with their teeth but has started to display lines and wrinkles on their face, why not take a look at the facial aesthetic treatments that we offer at The Lodge Dental Suite. If you live in the Enfield or Waltham Cross area or other local villages in Hertfordshire, and would like to discuss your needs (or your partner’s) with us, why not give us a call on 01992 643 388 and see how we can help you to achieve the smile that you deserve.