Dental Veneers For Our Waltham Cross Patients

Veneers offer much more than a simple teeth whitening solution.

At The Lodge Dental Suite, probably our most popular cosmetic dental procedure is teeth whitening. This comes as no surprise given its affordability and fast acting and dramatic results. Some patients whose teeth have suffered from severe staining though, may find the results not to be as good as they had expected.

When this is likely to be the case, our cosmetic dental team is likely to suggest dental veneers as the more viable option.

Dental veneers

As the word ‘veneer’ suggests, these are not used to actually whiten the existing surface enamel, but to replace it. By doing so, any severe staining, perhaps caused by years of smoking or red wine consumption, can be easily replaced with a smooth whiter veneer which will look great when you smile. Whilst this is one of the more common reasons for our Waltham Cross patients to have dental veneers fitted, it is far from the only one, and there are actually a couple of other types of dental problems where veneers may prove to be beneficial.

Cracked and chipped teeth

Patients who have teeth that have suffered from the wear and tear of age, and, perhaps have a few minor chips and cracks showing on their front teeth, detracting from their smile, can also benefit from dental veneers. In fact, veneers are ideal in this situation. Whilst a teeth whitening procedure could improve the whiteness of these teeth, it would also be likely to increase the visibility of any defects. A dental veneer, used to replace the damaged surface, would, however, completely replace the damaged surface.

Minor ‘Orthodontics’ and Diastemas

One of the less well known uses of dental veneers is in their role as ‘orthodontics’. Whilst most teeth straightening will need to be done with an acknowledged orthodontic system such as the Six Month Smile or Inman Aligner, certain cosmetic improvements can be used to straighten the appearance of the teeth a little. Naturally, it is important that the correct procedure is used, and our dentist near Waltham Cross will advise, following your consultation. One area where veneers can be quite useful is in the correction of a diastema, or gap between the front teeth. Whilst some people find this an attractive look, it is, in effect, caused by misaligned teeth. Where teeth are uneven in this manner, it provides space for other teeth to move into and over a period of time, this can result in the teeth becoming generally more crooked.

Whether you wish to have whiter teeth or have a gap in the teeth which you would like addressed, why not call The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643 388 to arrange an initial consultation where we can advise the best treatment plan for your personal satisfaction.