Cosmetic Dentistry in Hertfordshire

Convenient, local cosmetic dental treatment at The Lodge Dental Suite.

There was a time when cosmetic dentistry was almost solely the preserve of the wealthy and famous. Costs of cosmetic procedures were prohibitive to the population at large, and, because of this, most cosmetic dental practices were situated in the heart of London, often in the famous medical area of Harley Street.

Those days are gone now though, and even residents of small villages now have easy access to high quality cosmetic dentistry.

At The Lodge Dental Suite for example, we have patients, not only from larger towns such as Waltham Abbey, but smaller villages like Cuffley too, all benefiting from seeing a dentist at our practice.

What can we offer?

Whether from a large town or a smaller village, we have many satisfied patients who come to us to keep their teeth not only in a healthy condition, but also to look the best that they can. Whilst, many come for our fast-acting teeth whitening treatment, this is far from the only reason.

Our fast acting Six Month Smiles orthodontic system has proved hugely popular with patients who want to see obvious results without having to wait for more than a year. Through using the Six Month Smile system, many have actually achieved even teeth in less than the six months – this is because the ‘six months’ in the name is the average treatment time, and minor corrections can often be achieved much faster.

Veneers or a “snap on” smile

Having whiter teeth though, is the prime aim of many of our Hertfordshire dental patients, and whilst a teeth whitening procedure is the most common way to achieve this; those with badly stained or cracked teeth, often find that dental veneers are the most effective solution. Designed to replace the damaged enamel surface of the front teeth, dental veneers offer an effective and long lasting solution to poor quality teeth.

For some patients though, there is a much simpler solution that can really work. Whilst it does depend on your individual needs, a snap on smile offers an excellent way to have great looking teeth when you need them, without the need for any invasive treatment at all. As the name suggests, these are made to fit your own teeth, and you simply ‘snap’ them on when you need them, such as at a social function or public appearance. You can then easily remove them when you get home.

Whether you live in Cuffley, Waltham Abbey or anywhere in Hertfordshire and would like to see how we can improve the appearance of your smile, please call The Lodge Dental Suite today on 01992 643388 to arrange a consultation with one of our friendly team.