Are Dental Implants The Right Choice For You?

A look at the ‘gold standard’ teeth replacement method and some alternatives.

When patients come to The Lodge Dental Suite and ask us what we recommend to replace their missing teeth, we generally suggest that dental implants should be considered as the best option available. This is not because they are the most expensive, but, because they offer much more than the alternatives.

Whilst others such as dentures offer clear aesthetic benefits when compared to gappy teeth, some patients find them restrictive and, at times, uncomfortable and inconvenient. On the other hand, dental implants, once completed, offer strong, secure and natural looking replacement teeth. They also save bone structure in the jaw, something that we will look at in another blog.

Are they for me?

Because of the invasive nature of the procedure, some patients feel that it may not be for them. We look at some of the more common reasons for this below, and also offer our thoughts to reassure you:

Fear of pain – This is, perhaps, the main thing which deters some people. The idea of having a small hole made in the jaw, ready for the implant placement, isn’t appealing too many and on face-value we can understand why. We would like to re-assure patients that you will be well looked after by our experienced implant team and the procedure will be performed using a strong local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort. It is worth noting that jaw bone actually contains relatively few nerves and is not as susceptible to pain as you might imagine and many patients who have had this procedure tell us that it is no more uncomfortable than other less-complex dental work.

Smokers – Patients who currently smoke, or who may have done so in the past, may have read that they are not suitable candidates for implant placement. Whilst it is true that some bone loss may have occurred if you smoke, this does not mean that you are to be excluded from this excellent tooth replacement option. Lost bone can be built up again using a prior procedure known as a bone graft. Whilst this does add additional time to the treatment period, the results are well worth it.

Cost – There is no escaping the fact that dental implants are not the cheapest option available. Other options such as a bridge or partial denture, are certainly cheaper, but also lack many of the benefits that dental implants offer. Whilst our Cheshunt dentist will be happy to use the treatment of your choice, providing it is appropriate, dental implants should not be ruled out, even if the cost seems initially prohibitive. Over the longer term, implants can actually prove to be cheaper than dentures given that maintenance is less intensive.

At The Lodge Dental Suite, we have a number of payment plans available, ranging from a shorter term zero per cent plan through to a low interest longer term plan for those who wish to spread payments over a longer period.

To find out more about the various teeth replacement solutions available at our Cheshunt practice, or to arrange a consultation, please call our receptionists on 01992 643 388.