What Are White Tooth Fillings?

A look at why tooth coloured fillings are now more popular than ever.

We have probably all been in the situation, whilst in conversation with a stranger, thinking how nice their teeth look, when something funny is said and they laugh, opening their mouth wide to reveal a number of filled rear teeth.

Whilst these are generally hidden from view, from time to time others will notice them which can cause some people to feel reluctant to laugh whilst in public. The dark colour fillings that we are referring to here are made from amalgam and have been used in dentistry for many many years, offering a very strong solution to restoring damaged or decayed teeth.

New options

For many years, white dental fillings have been available, but these have generally only been considered to be strong enough for teeth that don’t exert much chewing force. This situation is changing and for most cases our cosmetic dentist based near Waltham Cross is able to use a white, or tooth coloured, filling, irrespective of the position in the mouth. Unlike amalgam fillings, white dental fillings contain no mercury, something which an increasing number of patients are wary of, as mercury, in its natural form, is a toxic substance. Whilst advice from the GDC and other governing bodies is that mercury is safe when used in amalgam, suggestions elsewhere advise to reduce its use wherever possible.

How strong is it?

Unlike amalgam, white fillings contain no metal at all but, instead, is a mixture of glass particles, synthetic resin and a setting ingredient. This combination offers sufficient strength for use even in the rear teeth in most situations. Where a large restoration is needed, we may advise the use of an inlay or onlay to give the tooth sufficient strength for everyday use. In most cases, and in general use though, a modern white filling should prove to be more than adequate.

Amalgam replacement

A number of Waltham Cross patients have asked us if we can remove their current amalgam fillings and replace them with tooth coloured ones. We will be pleased to do this for you following an appropriate assessment and examination. We do stress however, that current, official medical guidance is that amalgam fillings are safe.

A natural look

The term ‘white filling’ is actually slightly misleading as it can be made to match the colour of the natural tooth that needs to be filled. This means that it is highly unlikely that anyone will even know that you have any fillings at all!

If you would like to laugh again without revealing your dark amalgam fillings to the world, why not call The Lodge Dental Suite to arrange an appointment, on 01992 643 388.