Is Cosmetic Dentistry A Luxury?

Some reasons why people choose cosmetic dental treatments.

There are no doubt a number of people who think that cosmetic dentistry is beyond the reach of all but the rich and famous and that costs are generally prohibitive.

But this is no longer the case and whilst some investment is needed, cosmetic dentistry is now more affordable then ever before.

Another common perception is that general dental care should be more than enough to ensure a healthy set of teeth, and, in many respects, this is true. Indeed family and general dental care is still at the heart of most dental clinics; and ours is no exception. To choose general dental care alone though, ignores the many benefits that patients can gain from cosmetic dental procedures and so we thought we’d dedicate this blog to some of the reasons why people choose our cosmetic dentists near Waltham Abbey for a smile makeover, not just general dentistry.


Probably the number one reason why many people come to The Lodge Dental Suite seeking improvements to the appearance of their teeth is that they feel embarrassed about a certain aspect of their smile, whether it be a gap in the tooth or dull and yellow teeth. Whilst there may be a common (mis) perception that having cosmetic treatment is all about vanity, our experience shows that this is very rarely the case, and many people who are embarrassed about their smile find that it adversely affects their lives in many ways.

It is not unusual for people to avoid certain situations because of their embarrassment which can limit a person’s social life, and even, in some situations, their career too.


Another reason that people choose cosmetic dentistry, or even facial aesthetic treatments such as our popular wrinkle reduction treatment, is that there is a professional need to look good. Those whose job involves a high visual profile, such as a TV presenter, will be aware that, at times, their face is in close-up and any facial or dental ‘defects’ will be magnified. Whilst it should not be the case, it is quite possible that some employers take this into account, even if subconsciously, when recruiting.

Even if we are not subjected to close up scrutiny on the TV screen though, it is now widely accepted that people respond positively to those who have a great smile. This can affect us when it comes to relationships, but can also be positive card to have in the hand when it comes to business relationships too.

Dental reasons

In addition to any aesthetic benefits that are to be gained, having a set of even teeth, with no gaps left by missing teeth, means that your teeth will be easier to keep clean and hence likely to remain in better condition for longer than crooked teeth.

We are aware that some people would like to have nicer looking teeth but feel that it might be a luxury, rather than a necessity. If you are unhappy with your teeth and would like to discuss any aspect of cosmetic dental treatments with us, why not arrange an initial, non committal, consultation by calling The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643 388. For many, the investment is very well worthwhile the time to investigate in more detail.