Restorative Dental Care For Hertfordshire Patients

Get your teeth back to a healthy and functional state.

At The Lodge Dental Suite in Cheshunt, we meet a lot of patients who tell us that they wished they had taken better care of their teeth when they were younger.

These patients often have poor quality oral care, compromised by decay and gum disease, which has left them with unsightly or problematic teeth, or gaps where they have been extracted or have fallen out.

Whilst we can’t turn back the clock; with the help of our experienced local dental team, we can help patients to have a full and functional set of teeth, along with substantial improvements to their appearance.

Oral health

The first step in restoring a patient’s teeth is to ensure that any gum disease issues are taken care of. Depending on the degree of the problem, either an improved cleaning regimen will be suggested, or a programme of ‘scale and polish’ may be needed to help get the problem under control. For cases which have progressed, a visit to a specialist periodontist (gum dentist) may be required. Once this has been achieved, we can then begin to look at ways to restore the teeth.

Fillings and minor problems

One of the most common dental problems, along with gum disease, is decay. Providing that this is caught at a relatively early stage, it can usually be managed with a simple filling. At The Lodge Dental Suite near Waltham Cross and Waltham Abbey, we offer our patients the option of having white fillings, made to match the shade of your teeth. This resolves the issue of visible dark amalgam fillings.

Broken teeth

Where teeth have broken, a filling may not be sufficient to restore it fully and we may suggest the addition of a dental crown. These will be produced at a dental laboratory following the taking of an impression from the prepared tooth. The new crown is then attached with a strong dental adhesive to give the tooth a natural appearance and a good level of strength. For minor damage, such as chips in the teeth, dental bonding is an option albeit for the more visible front teeth, dental veneers may be preferred. This will depend on each situation though, and our experienced Hertfordshire cosmetic dentists will discuss these options with you.

Missing teeth

Where teeth are missing, not only does this detract from a person’s appearance but also leaves a space for other teeth to encroach into. Over time, this often results in a set of teeth that have become crooked and uneven. Dentures are an effective way of replacing missing teeth and modern dentures are more comfortable than their predecessors. Even with these improvements though, many of our patients are turning to dental implants as a more stable and stronger means of replacing missing teeth.

Our experienced dental implant team will be happy to discuss the option of implants with you, should you wish to consider them as an alternative to dentures.

If you are unhappy with the way that your teeth look or feel, let us help you to restore your smile! Simply call our receptionists on 01992 643388 to arrange a consultation with one of our team.