Replacing Missing Teeth

A look at the options available at our Hertfordshire dental practice.

With good home oral health care, combined with professional supervision and treatment when needed, most of us would hope to be able to keep our natural teeth throughout our life. In reality, this rarely happens and most of us will lose a tooth or two, at least, at some stage in our lives, whether through neglect or accident.

Where a front tooth has been lost, most of us will instantly look to replace it. Whilst we may not feel the same way about our hidden rear teeth, there are still good reasons to replace these too, and we will look at this in a future blog post.


At The Lodge Dental Suite, we are able to offer patients from the Cheshunt, Enfield and broader Hertfordshire areas a number of options for replacing missing teeth. Each of these have their pros and cons, and the most suitable option can be decided during the consultation process.


Dentures are still widely used to replace missing teeth and have improved significantly over the years in both appearance and comfort. Whether a full set or partial dentures, they are an effective and non invasive method of teeth replacement. Dentures are one of the least expensive methods, and, for nervous patients especially, provide a relatively stress free experience. Some patients do find eating certain types of foods more difficult, although, for others, this is less of a concern.


A dental bridge is an option when one or a few teeth are missing. Replacement teeth are held in place by attaching the bridge to the remaining natural adjacent teeth. This offers a strong way of closing the gap. Whilst patients often find this to be a more secure method than dentures, the procedure does involve the preparation of the natural teeth in order for the bridge to be held in place. Understandably, some patients are reluctant to have this done to otherwise healthy teeth.

Dental implants

For patients looking for a strong and secure option which requires minimal ongoing care, dental implants are the answer. Replacing the root of the tooth, implants are held firmly in place and, at the same time, prevent bone loss in the jaw. In our professional opinion, this is the best option currently available for the majority of patients, and our knowledgeable Cheshunt dentists are always happy to answer any questions that you may have about the procedure and its benefits. Although the most expensive of the teeth replacement options available, we do offer payment plans (terms and conditions apply) that help you to spread the cost at zero or low interest rates.

For more information or to arrange a consultation with us, please call The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643388.