Facial Aesthetics Treatment For Men And Women

Both sexes can benefit from our popular skin smoothing treatments.

Whilst some cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening, are common in men, there can sometimes be a perception that facial aesthetic treatments are only widely used by women.

Whilst it is true that most patients from the Cheshunt and Enfield areas who have Botox or dermal fillers at The Lodge Dental Suite are women, we are seeing an increasing number of male patients too who are asking for this procedure.

Both procedures work equally well on both sexes and, increasingly, men are just as concerned about their appearance as women.

Changing times

Whilst, in the past, men were less concerned with their appearance, perhaps due to the fact that work was often physically hard and the emphasis was on earning enough to put food on the table; times have changed and the number of products advertised on TV for male grooming products reflect this change in society. Men, as well as women, don’t like to feel that they are getting old, and lines and wrinkles that appear on the face can exaggerate the age that we are. Whilst face creams and the like may help to delay this effect, only facial aesthetic treatments can make the significant changes many people desire.


Botox is the most commonly used procedure to remove lines and wrinkles from the face. This leaves an entirely natural look providing that it is administered by an experienced practitioner such as those on the team at our clinic near Enfield. Botox is a toxin which is injected just underneath the skin in areas where it is needed. It works by blocking the signals that prevent the muscles from contracting, leaving the skin much smoother and younger looking. It can take a week or so before the effects start to be seen but they will last for several months.

As it is an affordable treatment, many of our patients like to have the procedure ‘topped up’ from time to time to keep a consistent appearance and regular smooth skin.


As well as the obvious benefits of looking younger for our male Botox patients from Enfield; having smooth skin can also help to increase self confidence. This can have a knock on effect in the way that we act, helping us perhaps, to be successful at job interviews and even in relationships. Whilst we obviously can’t guarantee your success, we hope that our facial aesthetic procedures will give you a boost in confidence and increased chances of success.

Whether you are male or female, if you have any questions about the Botox procedure or are uncertain as to the effect that it would have on your skin, why not contact The Lodge Dental Suite to arrange an appointment with our facial aesthetics practitioner on 01992 643 388.