Ask The Lodge Dental Suite – Lines and Wrinkles

An Enfield patient asks about our facial aesthetic treatments

Facial treatments such as Botox and Dermal fillers are often misunderstood, and today’s question brings up a common concern amongst some who are considering it.

Q. I’ve always taken good care of my skin, making sure I’m well hydrated and avoiding excessive sun. Despite this though, and a healthy diet, I am starting to experience a few lines and wrinkles appearing on my face. I know I’m at that time of life when this might happen but I’m keen to keep them at bay as long as possible. You are quite close to where I live and I am interested in your Botox treatments but I am concerned because of some of the photos that I’ve seen where Botox has resulted in some horrible results. How can I be sure that this won’t happen to me?

Many thanks for your question and you are certainly not the first person to express this concern.

I presume that most of the images that you are referring to are those of celebrities? There are a few ways in which these procedures can produce extreme results. The first of these is where an unscrupulous practitioner has agreed to use larger amounts of the Botox serum than is recommended, with the intention, perhaps, of enhancing certain facial features, often the lips, outside of the norm.

The other possibility is that the practitioner is simply not properly qualified or experienced, and administers too high a dosage by accident or where an infection or reaction has led to complications.

Providing that recommended quantities are adhered to, and the treatment is administered by a competent facial aesthetics practitioner, you can be confident that no extreme results will be seen.

At The Lodge Dental Suite, all of our facial aesthetics staff are fully trained and we reserve the right to refuse to treat a patient who we feel is requesting something extreme. The procedure itself is a minor one, with the serum being injected just under the skin in the area of the lines and wrinkles. It works by blocking nerves which prevent the muscles from contracting. You should notice your skin becoming smoother within a week or so and the results will last for several months, and can be topped up after this, if you wish.

A common fear of patients is that their face will look unnatural and that they will be unable to smile. Again, this will not happen providing the treatment is performed by a fully trained and experienced person. The only physical ‘issue’ that you might experience is a little localised bruising in the sites of the injections, and you may wish to take a few days from work if you prefer these not to be seen, whilst they subside.

Botox and dermal fillers can be very effective at keeping you looking younger and we are always happy to discuss any aspect of the treatment at our surgery near Enfield.

Please call us on 01992 643388 if you wish to arrange an appointment to discuss this treatment in more detail.