Ask Our Dentist – The Snap on Smile

A patient expresses an interest in this easy to use appliance.

Whilst cosmetic dentistry can improve a person’s smile through procedures such as dental veneers, for some patients having an invasive procedure is something they would rather avoid.

Q. Hi .. I work from home and am generally a fairly solitary person who is quite happy with my own company. That said, I do like to go out at times and socialise with my friends. I have become quite concerned about the appearance of my teeth recently though as they have suffered a few minor chips and are darker in colour than they used to be. I was considering having dental veneers fitted as this seemed like the best solution, but I then noticed the ‘snap on smile’ on your website and I like the idea of having something temporary to use and then remove them when I’m on my own. It sounds like this would be ideal for me and I just wondered if you had any thoughts on this?

Hi and thank you for your question. The Snap On Smile does get a lot of interest from patients at our Cheshunt dental practice and can be a good solution for some people, especially those who don’t wish to undergo any form of dental work.

You say that you were considering dental veneers until you read about the Snap On Smile. Some patients do actually use this as a step towards having veneers fitted and it is an excellent way to see how your teeth could look without actually having the procedure. Other patients have the Snap On Smile with this in mind, but are then so happy with it that they don’t take the extra step to have veneers fitted. There is no commitment to having veneers, of course, when you have this appliance and patients can take as long as they wish before coming to any decision.

As to whether this would be the best solution for you; I would recommend arranging an appointment at The Lodge Dental Suite and we can have an informal chat about both veneers and the Snap On Smile. What I will say is that patients who do use them tend to love them and find them very comfortable to wear.

There is no invasive dentistry needed to produce Snap On Smile and they are made from impressions and photographs. Usually, it takes around four weeks from your visit to their production, so if you have a specific event in mind, it is worth remembering that. Although there are no restrictions on what you can eat when wearing them, we generally advise starting with softer foods as they may feel a little strange for a few days until your mouth adjusts. You will, of course, need to keep them clean and the same goes for your natural teeth and gums. This includes removing the appliance after wearing – they should not be used as a permanent technique.

You may wish to consider the shade of the Snap On Smile too. Some patients opt for a very white shade to give them a bright smile. Others prefer a more ‘natural’ look and tend to have them a little whiter than their natural teeth so that there is an improvement but not one which is so glaringly obvious.

I look forward to meeting you to discuss this and you can arrange an appointment with us by calling us on 01992 643388.