Planning Ahead For A Great Smile

Why wait until the New Year to improve your smile?

Although perhaps reluctant to do so, we have to acknowledge that Summer is coming to a close and it won’t be long before the woolly socks and Winter coats are coming out of storage.

Whilst each season has its own beauty; for some, the cold and dark nights can feel quite depressing.

If you are one of these people (or even if not), why not use this time to think about ways that you can improve your smile ready for the Spring and Summer, which, in reality are not that far away, even if it may feel like it at times.

Six Month Smile

Whilst some cosmetic dental procedures offered at The Lodge Dental Suite are almost ‘instant’; such as a teeth whitening procedure, others take time to work and it is worth bearing this in mind. One of these procedures is teeth straightening – for example traditional dental braces can often take a year or more to work and are very visible. However, if you live in the Cheshunt, Enfield or Waltham Cross area of Hertfordshire, you may be interested in the Six Month Smiles orthodontic system which we are pleased to offer at our practice.

It is worth noting that the name of the technique arises because it takes, on average, six months to work. This depends on each case though; some may take a little longer, but, equally, for minor adjustments your teeth could even be straightened in time for the Christmas party season!

How does it work?

The Six Month Smile performs its task in such a short time, not because it exerts additional and potentially dangerous pressure on the teeth, but because it focuses solely on the visible front teeth and not the rear teeth which don’t affect your smile. If you do have significant problems with misaligned rear teeth, there are other orthodontic systems available and we will discuss these if necessary.

The Six Month Smile system is designed for each patient’s requirements and made after impressions have been taken of the teeth. Like many modern orthodontics, they are produced using fine tooth coloured materials which renders them significantly less visible than traditional braces. You will need to visit our Hertfordshire dental practice every few weeks to have the braces adjusted, but as the treatment period is fairly short, this should not be too inconvenient. When the treatment is complete, we are sure you will agree that it was well worth the effort to achieve beautiful straight teeth.

If you want to look great for next year, now is the time to arrange a teeth straightening consultation with us. When the treatment is complete, and possibly enhanced with a teeth whitening procedure, you will have a beautiful looking smile ready for the warmer months ahead. Please call The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643388 to arrange your consultation.