Root Canal Treatment And Dental Anxiety

How we help to put our Cheshunt patients at ease.

You only have to take a look at our social media pages to read the many compliments that we receive from patients. We are always especially delighted to hear from patients who have previously struggled to see a dentist because of their anxieties, but have found that visiting us helped them to feel more relaxed.

Whilst we can’t ‘cure’ dental anxieties, our staff are extremely caring and do understand how nervous patients feel.

Root canal

One of the procedures which particularly seems to create a high level of anxiety in patients is the root canal procedure. Many of you will, no doubt, be aware of the reputation that this procedure has gained over time, a reputation for pain which is generally completely overstated.

If you come for a root canal procedure at our Cheshunt practice, you can be sure of two things. Firstly, that we do understand your anxieties, and you will be treated in a calm and friendly manner that helps most patients to relax. Secondly, you will receive first class treatment, and, once the local anaesthetic has been applied, we will not start the procedure until we are confident that you will be pain free.


It is likely that the scary reputation of a root canal procedure came from a time before x-rays were routinely taken. Unfortunately, the very nature of infections in the root canals can sometimes lead to an abscess. These are not always visible to the naked eye, and it is likely that, prior to x-rays,  procedures may have started on patients who had untreated abscesses. This would have been incredibly painful indeed. At The Lodge Dental Suite, we always take x-rays to check for abscesses and, should one be found, this will be treated before any work is done on the tooth. Once you are abscess free, we can start the root canal procedure.

Simply put, this involves removing the top section of the tooth to enable us to access the canals. The infected material is then removed and the area thoroughly cleaned. Once cleaned, it is filled with a material called gutta percha, and, finally, a dental crown is added to restore the tooth, both in appearance and strength.

Some patients have expressed embarrassment at how anxious they felt about this procedure once it has been completed. There is no need to feel embarrassed though. We fully understand why you may feel that way and rest assured we will provide complete support whatever your tolerance level for dental treatments.

If you are a patient in the Cheshunt or Enfield area, and feel anxious about your dental visits, why not give The Lodge Dental Suite a call on 01992 643388 and arrange to visit us for a consultation. We feel sure that you will leave us feeling happier and more relaxed about future visits!