Teeth Braces – An Enfield Patient Enquires About Fast Teeth Straightening

The use of modern orthodontics does not have to be a lengthy process.

A recent question from one of our patients in Enfield addresses a concern that some people have when considering whether to have their teeth straightened or not.

Q. Hi … I’ll be honest and say it. I’m a pretty impatient person and like to get things done. I generally look for the quickest way to achieve something, whether that be in business or my personal life.  This brings me to my point. I really want to get my teeth sorted out. They are healthy and intact but they are quite crooked and I hate it when I catch sight of them in a mirror. I know braces can fix this, but don’t they take ages .. like a couple of years or so, or am I out of date in my thinking?

Hello and thanks for your question. Generally speaking, there is a good reason why straightening teeth is a longer process than others. Simply put, straightening teeth involves putting constant pressure on them to push them back to their desired position. If this was to be done too quickly, it would damage the teeth, potentially causing them to break or fall out. Having said that, there are newer types of dental braces that we offer at The Lodge Dental Suite, one of which may be ideal for you. This is called the Six Months Smile system, and, as the name indicates, takes on average of about six months to be fully effective. I appreciate that this may still feel like a long time to you, but ‘forcing’ them any quicker would be harmful.

The other thing to note is that the six months is just an average, and, if your teeth are not too severely crooked, the process could be over in less time than that. To determine this, we would need to see you at our Cheshunt dental practice, just a short journey from your home. If you are wondering why this method acts faster than regular braces, it is because it does not work on the rear teeth, just the top and bottom six front teeth which are the ones visible when you smile. In this sense, they are truly a ‘cosmetic’ treatment, though there are other benefits such as making it easier to keep your teeth and gums clean. We must stress that this type of straightening may not be suitable for some people, for example where more complex issues are evident. However, it may be suitable for you and we will determine this at a detailed consultation and examination. If the “fast” treatment is not suitable, other orthodontic methods are available but may take longer to achieve the desired result.

Of course, only you can decide if this length of time is too lengthy for you or not. If you are undecided, why not make an appointment to see us and we can discuss this in more detail with you. You can contact The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643388 and arrange to see one of our experienced local dentists.

Although we appreciate that there is an element of inconvenience when wearing teeth braces,  we are sure that, once completed, and your teeth are evenly spaced and straight, you will not regret the decision to have this procedure done.