Personalised Teeth Whitening For Our Hertfordshire Patients

How our whitening systems allow you to choose your shade.

When discussing cosmetic dental treatments with patients at The Lodge Dental Suite, one of the questions which frequently pops up is whether having a teeth whitening procedure necessarily means having teeth that are brilliant white, such as those portrayed by many celebrities.

Whilst some patients do like their teeth to be very white, others are conscious that people around them will notice a dramatic difference overnight, especially if their teeth had been badly discoloured before, and often prefer them to be whitened in a more subtle manner.

Your choice

The good news is that the shade of whiteness of your newly treated teeth can be adjusted to your needs. We have done this for many patients from Cheshunt, Enfield and Waltham Abbey who have been very pleased with the outcome. This personalisation can be applied whether you choose the in-house whitening system or the home teeth whitening systems that we provide. The first step in the process is to arrange an appointment with us so that we can both examine your teeth and discuss with you the type of result that you want to see.

In the case of the in house treatment, the length of time that the gel is applied for will determine the whiteness at the end of the treatment. The longer it is left, the whiter your teeth will be. With the home whitening kits, it depends on the length of time that the trays are worn. Naturally, we will explain the best way to achieve your aims during your consultation.

Incremental steps

Your choice of the shade of whiteness may depend on your personality. More confident and outgoing patients often choose the full whiteness effect, whilst the more reserved may opt for a less white shade, albeit one that is still much improved. What often happens though is that those who have their teeth whitened to a lesser degree initially, often find that this helps to improve their confidence, and many return to us on subsequent visits, asking for a greater degree of whiteness. You can be assured that no pressure will be put on you to have your teeth whitened any more than you want. Our aim is satisfaction and nothing makes us happier than to see a patient’s smile when they are pleased with their new whiter teeth.

If you are looking for a teeth whitening dentist in Hertfordshire, we will be very pleased to see you at The Lodge Dental Suite. If you would like to see what we can do for you, why not arrange a no-obligation appointment with us; let us take a look at your discoloured teeth and show what a difference we can make to your smile!

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