Clear Aligner – A New Way To Straighten Teeth in Enfield, Hertfordshire

A discreet, comfortable, convenient and modern orthodontic system.

The wearing of dental braces is generally something that most people hope to avoid.

Memories of metal braces on schoolchildren, and the taunting that sometimes went with it, still lingers in the minds of some of our older patients. Even modern metal braces, although more refined, are still visible and can mean that some people are reluctant to wear them.

Modern orthodontics

Fortunately, many dentists now offer a wider range of orthodontic teeth braces. Many of these do still operate on the ‘wire and brackets’ system of old, albeit using tooth coloured materials and finer wiring and smaller brackets. This makes them much less visible but equally effective.

There are still potential drawbacks to this system though. Teeth are harder to clean effectively and, although less visible, the components can still be seen. The good news is that there is another type of brace available at The Lodge Dental Suite in Cheshunt which uses a different method entirely.

Clear Aligner

This orthodontic system is called the Clear Aligner, and uses a series of ‘trays’ which fit over the patient’s teeth. Each in the series is designed to move the teeth just a little towards their desired end position. Once the tray has achieved its aim, the next tray is put into place and this process continues until the teeth are straight and even. The trays are made from impressions taken of your mouth and are custom designed for you. This means that not only are these transparent trays next to invisible, but they also offer a comfortable experience too.

Even more benefits

The benefits of this system do not end there though. The trays are easily removed by the patient and are designed to do so whilst eating meals or when cleaning teeth. This is a major advantage for the patient as it means that they do not need to be concerned about what they eat in case the food gets stuck in the wiring. It also means that it is easier to keep the teeth clean and avoids food particles becoming trapped in the wires as can be the case with traditional braces.

Although this system may take a little longer to reposition the teeth than some other types of braces, many patients find that the convenience and comfort factors of the Clear Aligner more than make up for this. It should be noted that, whilst the trays are easy to remove, it is important not to remove them too often or for reasons other than to clean or while eating. Doing so is likely to extend the time taken to straighten your uneven teeth.

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