New Dental Patients in Cheshunt

What you can expect to find at the Lodge Dental Suite.

If you are living in Cheshunt or in the Enfield area and are looking to register with a dentist, or perhaps to change dentists, why not take a look at what the Lodge Dental Suite can offer you?

As a cosmetic as well as a general dental practice, we are able to offer you much more than simply basic oral health maintenance. This is not to diminish the importance of essential dental care, but to show that we can also help you to make the most of your appearance too, as well as keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Complimentary consultation

For all new patients at our Cheshunt dental practice, we offer a complimentary smile consultation. This involves an oral check and a discussion about any problems that may be detected during it. We will also discuss any potential cosmetic dental procedures that could be to your benefit.

As well as this initial consultation, we feel that you will be pleasantly surprised at the friendly nature of our professional dental team. From the people on reception to those performing complex dental procedures, we take pride in the way that we look after our patients.

Cosmetic Procedures

Once we have diagnosed and treated any initial dental problems that you have, such as gum disease or dental decay, you may wish to take a look at some of the cosmetic dental procedures currently available in our Cheshunt practice.

These procedures range from the purely cosmetic, such as the widely popular teeth whitening procedure that dramatically brightens your teeth; through to more complex procedures such as dental implants which offer an excellent replacement for any missing teeth.

Through the use of these modern dental procedures, it is highly likely that we will be able to restore your smile and give you a confidence boost in the bargain.

The extra mile

Whilst you should expect friendliness and efficiency from any professional dental practice, at the Lodge Dental Suite, we try to go the extra mile.

Did you know that, to help our patients relax and feel comfortable during their visit, we offer a wide range of music via IPods as well as TV or films via our DVD glasses.

These little touches have proved popular, especially with nervous patients in the Cheshunt area, and we are always happy to hear any suggestions as to how we can improve our service even further.

To talk to us or to book your initial complimentary consultation with us, please call the Lodge Dental Suite now on 01992 643 388.