Can’t Find Time To Visit The Dentist?

We now offer weekend and evening dental appointments.

Any appointments, whether doctor, dentist or any other type, can cause  a significant disruption to our day-to-day lives.

This applies whether we have a key position at a business where our absence would cause disruption,  or we have childcare responsibilities and are unable to find someone to take care of the children whilst we attend the appointment.

Whilst most people usually do find a way around these difficulties, it is certainly inconvenient, and, for some, may even mean that those appointments are not made in the first place.

Don’t skip dental visits

Unfortunately, as anyone who has done this may well be aware, skipping dental visits can lead to quite extensive treatment being needed later on; sometimes even with an emergency dental appointment being needed when a severe toothache strikes. What probably started out as a tiny piece of dental decay on a tooth can quite easily increase over time, threatening the structure of the tooth entirely. Whilst it still may be possible to fill the tooth, equally it may instead need a dental crown or even possibly, an extraction if underlying problems are left untreated.

Evening and weekend appointments

The good news for patients not only from Cheshunt but also nearby locations such as Broxbourne and Cuffley, is that we have rearranged our opening hours to offer evening and weekend appointments at The Lodge Dental Suite for patients who find regular daytime appointments difficult to make. On a Thursday evening, we are now open for appointments until 8pm and on Saturdays, we are open from 10am until 3pm. Whilst some dental practices do open until lunchtime on a Saturday, we are aware that many people work on Saturday mornings and took the decision to stay open just that little bit longer to help them out.

Hopefully, offering these additional practice hours will help people to make appointments at a time convenient to themselves, allowing them access to the dental care that they need.

Special offers

Whilst we are letting you know a about the convenience of our practice, please allow us also to bring your attention to a special offer that we are currently running.

For anyone wishing to have whiter teeth for Christmas, we are currently offering our teeth whitening procedure for £195 instead of the usual £295; a saving of £100. Not only will this provide you with some extra cash for the festive period but also to help you feel at your best with your brand new white smile at the parties and social events at this time of the year.

Whilst the benefits of a teeth whitening procedure should not be underestimated, it is, of course making sure that your teeth and gums are healthy that is of the utmost importance and we hope that the new hours that we offer patients of The Lodge Dental Suite will help you to do just that. To arrange your appointment at our Cheshunt dental practice, please give us a call on 01992 643388.