Say Goodbye To Dark Coloured Fillings!

Alternatives to amalgam fillings available at The Lodge Dental Suite.

If you have looked after your teeth well, with regular cleaning and professional dental care, whilst also avoiding accidents, you may have got away with never having to have a tooth filled. Most of us though, will have had at least a filling or two during our lifetime and the chances are that it is an amalgam filling.


Because amalgam is made from a combination of metals, including tin, silver, copper and mercury, it should come as  no surprise that it is a dark coloured material. Whilst it does have excellent strength properties and can be used on the rear teeth that do most of the chewing, it also has the negative aspect of being highly visible when we open our mouths.

For some time, there were virtually no alternative options, but over the years, new materials have been developed which can be used to replace amalgam fillings. These are often referred to as cosmetic or white dental fillings and are made from a combination of plastics and glass which can be made to match the colour of the rest of the tooth that needs to be filled, resulting in a natural appearance. Initially there were concerns in the earlier versions of these new white coloured fillings that they simply weren’t strong enough for many situations and were seen as largely cosmetic rather than practical. As such, they were often only placed in teeth towards the front of the mouth where there is less stress when eating etc.

Advances in this field though now mean that white coloured fillings offer a strength almost equal to amalgam. For larger rear tooth fillings though, it may still be advisable for amalgam to be used, or for inlays or onlays to be used instead, which offer a more aesthetic solution. We assess each case and advise accordingly.

Your choice!

Of course, the choice of dental fillings is up to you and we are always happy to discuss the available options with you during your appointment. An increasing number of patients from Cheshunt, Cuffley and the surrounding areas are turning to white fillings though, finding them sufficiently strong enough from a functionality aspect, but, equally importantly, giving them a nicer smile and leaving them free to laugh without revealing dark dental fillings.

If you would like to discuss white teeth coloured fillings, or any other aspect of cosmetic dentistry with us, we are always here to offer our professional advice. Simply arrange an appointment with us by calling The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643388 and we look forward to seeing you soon.