Overcoming Problems With Metal Braces

Advances in adult orthodontics have been a game changer.

For many people, the idea of having uneven teeth is preferable to having to wear traditional metal braces.

Whilst this may be understandable, it does mean that they miss out on the opportunity to have nicer looking teeth that also stand a better chance of remaining healthy, as straight teeth are often easier to keep clean.

Times have changed though and even those braces that still require wires and brackets are now available in much finer, tooth coloured materials to make them less visible. Some, such as the Clear Aligner, use an entirely different method altogether which removes the need for any wiring and offers a comfortable and almost invisible option for anyone wishing for straighter teeth.

Traditional metal braces have a number of issues which can deter people from wearing them.

  1. Visibility – Perhaps the biggest cause of people opting not to have them. Even though they have become more refined over the years, metal braces are still highly visible and likely to be avoided by some who are conscious of their appearance.
  2. Discomfort – wearing metal braces is not an especially pleasant experience and, as they often have to be worn for a year or more for them to achieve their aim, this is quite a long time to suffer from any discomfort at all.
  3. Hygiene – Dental braces that use wires and brackets offer plenty of places for food to become trapped. This can be very difficult to remove, even with the best cleaning regimen. Even small amounts of food trapped in the braces can lead to tooth decay and consequently, the need for the tooth to be filled.

At The Lodge Dental Suite, we are aware that there are many people in areas such as Enfield and Broxbourne who would love to have nicer looking and even teeth, but are deterred by the options that they believe are available.

The good news is that there are now some excellent alternatives, in particular the Clear Aligner system which does away with the wires and brackets altogether. Instead of this, a series of transparent ‘trays’ are used which fit directly over the teeth and which are almost invisible to most people.

In addition to this, the Clear Aligner is designed to be removed when eating and for when you clean your teeth. Not only do they offer a discreet method to straighten teeth, but also a way to do so without risking food becoming trapped and allowing you to brush more efficiently.

If you would like to have your teeth straightened and would like to find out more about the orthodontic options available at The Lodge Dental Suite in Hertfordshire, please call us on 01992 643388 to arrange an appointment.