New Year, New Smile!

Why patients from across Hertfordshire come to The Lodge Dental Suite to have their teeth whitened.

Once the festive season is over, many of us will start to consider making New Year’s resolutions.

Often these are based around improving certain areas of our lives, and, perhaps because of this, it may come as no surprise that we often see an increase in patients requesting cosmetic dentistry in the early part of the new year.

Of these procedures, teeth whitening is the most popular and although most cosmetic dentists offer this treatment, we still see patients coming from further afield in Hertfordshire, from places like Broxbourne for example, for this particular treatment.

Faster teeth whitening

Whilst many dental practices offer teeth whitening procedures, many only offer home whitening kits. These do produce excellent results and the treatment can be done yourself in the comfort of your own home. We also offer these DIY kits and will discuss them a little later, but one reason why patients perhaps travel to The Lodge Dental Suite for teeth whitening, is that we also offer an in-house treatment that can be completed in around one hour.

The treatment that we use, Phillips Zoom whitening, is an excellent way to whiten your teeth and is ideal for anybody who wants to see results as soon as possible and who doesn’t want to go to the trouble of fitting their own bleaching trays on a daily basis.

It is a safe method too, and is performed by highly trained staff who will ensure that your lips and gums are protected from the bleaching agent before the procedure starts. Within an hour of the treatment commencing, you can have teeth that have been whitened by up to eight shades and leave our Cheshunt dental clinic with a fantastic new smile that will last for many months to come.

Home whitening options

As mentioned earlier, we do also provide personalised home teeth whitening kits at The Lodge Dental Suite. These produce excellent results, comparable to our in house treatment and there are no real pros or cons as to which you choose; it really is a personal choice. Whilst many people do prefer to have the procedure completed in a single hour, others are quite relaxed about wearing the bleaching trays at their convenience and in their own home. Naturally, we are always available should any questions arise during the treatment period should you choose this method.

If you are thinking of having your teeth whitening procedure in Hertfordshire, why not consider having it done at The Lodge Dental Suite? We have performed this procedure for many happy patients, including double Olympic medalist, Laura Trott who was delighted with her new appearance.

We are always happy to answer any questions that you might have about this, or any other cosmetic dental procedure, and you can contact us by calling our Cheshunt dental practice on 01992 643388.