Dental Veneers And Sensitive Teeth

Porcelain veneers can reduce tooth sensitivity for some patients.

Having sensitive teeth is not always necessarily painful but can prove quite uncomfortable for some people. There are a number of reasons why teeth can be sensitive, but it often happens when the enamel of the teeth has become compromised. The enamel  layer helps to protect the softer dentin layer underneath which is porous, and so, heat and cold access the nerves more easily.

Erosion of the enamel is often caused by a high acid diet which gradually wears away the hard protective layer and, although brushing your teeth is extremely important, doing so too hard can also result in the wearing down of the enamel.

Enamel replacement

The only way to restore enamel that has been lost from the surface of a tooth is to replace it. At The Lodge Dental Suite this is done by shaving a very fine layer from the front surface of the teeth and using porcelain dental veneers in its place. This is a relatively straightforward procedure and the end results should last for a minimum of ten years with appropriate oral health care.

Before the fine layer of enamel is removed, using a dental burr, you will be given a local anaesthetic to ease any discomfort. Once the front layer of enamel has been removed, impressions are then taken of the teeth and used by a dental laboratory for the new veneers to be manufactured. You will be given temporary veneers in the meantime to protect your teeth, and for your comfort.

Once the new veneers arrive back at our Cheshunt practice, you will be recalled to our practice where your temporary veneers will be removed and your new ones attached using a strong dental adhesive. Finally, the veneers will be trimmed and polished to give them a natural and attractive appearance.

Side effects

Perhaps ironically, given that veneers can be used to reduce sensitivity of the teeth; a small minority of patients do experience an initial increase in sensitivity following the procedure. The good news though is that it should only last for a few days before returning to normal and your usual standard painkilling medication can be used during this short period should you feel the need. If you have worn enamel on your teeth or are experiencing sensitivity, it pays to have them checked. The type of treatment we recommend will depend on its cause, but, in some cases, dental veneers could be a very useful option. As well as easing the sensitivity, you can have great looking teeth too!

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