Safe And Speedy Teeth Straightening – Six Month Smiles Braces

Modern orthodontic systems – straighter teeth in shorter time.

Having to wear dental braces at all can feel bad enough for some people, but to be told that you have to wear them for well over a year is certainly news that many people don’t want to hear.

Indeed, it is likely that a large number of people have decided against having their teeth straightened when faced with this reality.

This certainly used to be the case when the only orthodontic options available were traditional metal braces. Whilst these were effective at their task, they could be unsightly and uncomfortable too. Thankfully, things change, and we are now able to offer a wider selection of discreet and convenient braces at our Cheshunt dental practice.

Six Month Smile

In today’s blog, we are going to focus on the Six Month Smiles orthodontic system. This is one of our most popular ones as it achieves the key aim for most people, of giving them a wonderful even smile. Whilst some other cosmetic braces act to straighten all of the patient’s teeth, including the rear ones, the Six Month Smile focuses solely on those visible front teeth that play such an important part of our appearance.

Because these braces do not attempt to move the more firmly embedded rear teeth, they can act much more quickly than traditional braces. In fact, depending on how crooked the patient’s teeth are, they can work in less than the six months mentioned in their name.

Discreet braces

Although the Six Month Smile system works in a similar manner to traditional braces, using a series of wires and brackets, the similarities end there. Gone is the dark coloured metal of older style braces, replaced instead by tooth coloured wiring and clear brackets which make them much more difficult to detect.

You will need to arrange an appointment with your dentist at The Lodge Dental Suite approximately every month to have the wiring adjusted to optimise the straightening of your teeth. At the end of your treatment period, the wiring and brackets will be removed and you will have the new, straighter smile that you had hoped for. Finally either a bonded or removable retainer will be put into place to ensure that your teeth do not move and revert back to their old positions.

Oral health

Although good care should be taken of your teeth and gums at all times, it is especially important that you do so whilst wearing dental braces. Food and bacteria can become trapped in the braces and may lead to tooth decay or gingivitis, if ignored. We will discuss this with you during your appointment to make sure that you have the best advice available.

Dental patients from Cheshunt, Enfield, Waltham Abbey or broader Hertfordshire locations who would like straighter teeth, are invited to call The Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643 388 to arrange an appointment.