Dental Veneers for an Improved Smile

Restoring the appearance of badly stained, chipped or cracked teeth.

There seems to be some truth in the old saying ‘smile and the whole world smiles with you’. Whilst this may not be true 100% of the time, most of us will probably agree that a nice smile lifts our spirits, even if only a little.

Studies have also indicated that those with a nice smile may have more success when it comes to jobs and even relationships.

This is all very well if our teeth are in good condition and appear as white as they should.

For some, though, smiling may simply highlight the poor appearance of their teeth; something most people would wish to avoid.

Badly stained or lightly damaged teeth

Whilst, at the Lodge Dental Suite, the first step for anyone wanting whiter looking teeth, is to have our popular and fast acting teeth whitening procedure; for some, this is simply not enough.

For people with very badly stained teeth, such as heavy smokers, those who drink a lot of red wine, or those with chipped or cracked teeth; whilst a whitening procedure may help, the results are unlikely to be 100% successful.

This is obviously frustrating, but there is another solution available at your local Cheshunt dentist.

Dental Veneers

Rather than improving the appearance of the enamel of the teeth, dental veneers replace it.

Made from a tooth coloured porcelain which can be produced to match the shade of your other teeth, dental veneers are often compared to false fingernails in the way that they are attached.

To replace the front surface of the teeth, first of all, a local anaesthetic is given to make the procedure more comfortable.

A very fine layer is then removed from the front of the teeth using a dental ‘burr’ following which impressions are taken and sent to a laboratory for the veneers to be made. During this time, temporary veneers will be fitted to protect the teeth whilst we wait for the permanent ones to be made and delivered back to our Cheshunt dental surgery. Your new dental veneers, which are equivalent in thickness to the amount of enamel removed, will then be attached using dental cement.

Finally, these will be smoothed and polished to give them the appearance of a natural tooth.

It is possible that, initially, you may experience some heightened sensitivity in your teeth but this usually subsides very quickly and your dental veneers will mean that you can smile again with no concerns about the appearance of your teeth.

For more information, or to discuss porcelain dental veneers, please call the Lodge Dental Suite on 01992 643 388 to talk to one of our team.